Siblings: August

Footsteps along the landing, the creak of a door – the girls are awake and on their way into their brother’s room. They want to be reunited as a trio, being a 2 is just not the way it should be.

It is the same every morning and unless he’s sneakily made his way into my bed they will climb into his cot and play with him until he clonks them over the head trying to get out and find me.

I think they’d have him in their room if they could. Their desire to be together is so strong, they are so united with their sibling bond and it is magical to see.

As I type this they are upstairs with daddy, all 3 of them splashing in the bath to wash off the grime from their adventures today. The’ve been outside mostly, although they each have a faint whiff of playdough from an afternoon of mess making at the dining room table.

Wills of course was prowling around at their feet scoffing on any scrap piece that fell to the floor. He’s a helpful hoover like that.

We’ve been together, day in day out, for the last 3 weeks now and they have loved every minute. Gracie asked if they could be home schooled so it could always be this way.

I’m half tempted.

Days out whenever we like and the freedom it brings. It is definitely something that crosses my mind regularly. Others don’t necessarily get it, I mean 3 kids am I mad? But being a teacher means 3 is easy compared to 30 ragamuffins tugging on my shirt all day long.

I mean look at them…

In all honesty though I am not sure I would do the best job, despite being a teacher. I don’t think I am selfless enough. I think being at school makes us all appreciate the time we do get to spend together and that is enough.

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  1. Oh these photos are gorgeous. Looks like your three are loving every minute of being together. I have moments of being tempted to home school but I’m really not sure I have the patience. I also think the time away from them makes you appreciate them all the more! #siblingsproject

  2. Oh this is lovely hunny love your words. How adorable they climb into his bed that’s bittersweet for sure. What fab memories. They sound like they each have their bond between pairs and all three that’s amazing to watch these are adorable. #siblingsproject

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