Siblings: July

This month has been such a lovely month for my trio, with Wills being mobile and able to join in with their games. I mean he isn’t walking (although he is trying) but he can crawl and makes sure he is right in there, exploring whatever it is that they are playing with.

The girls have had to put up with me nagging them about not leaving little bits and bobs on the floor but to be honest, they love him so much they don’t mind at all. They love that he is sitting with them and trying to join in and they always make sure to talk to him and teach him things. Gracie especially is definitely showing signs of being a good teacher – I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the job she chooses.

Life at home has been pretty naff for the girls the last few weeks as their toys have been completely out of bounds. I am decluttering each room and up until now that hasn’t impacted on anyone at all, but this week it has reached a peak with all of their toys hidden away. As a result they have been bored stiff and getting on each other’s nerves.

Not that they don’t argue under normal circumstances but when there is nothing else to do they definitely ramp up on the annoying scale! The weather hasn’t helped either as the rain has meant they’ve been cooped up indoors too. I am nearly finished my decluttering journey thank god, just one room left and I am done. Life can get back to normal after that and hopefully normal levels of squabbling will resume!

We are going away in a couple of weeks so I think the time away from the house will do us all good. They always seem to get a closer bond when we are away too so hopefully that will help balance everything out again.

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