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It has finally happened – he has started crawling! What does crawling mean? Well, two things really – one negative and one positive. So the bad news is he is driving his sisters bonkers (and me) as he is grabbing at everything in sight. The good news though is that he can now join in things that I have seen him eyeing up for months. He is so happy with himself it is adorable!

The girls love┬áhim to bits and so despite the fact that they now have me on at them to pick up every little thing in sight, they are helping him to get to places and are enjoying encouraging his new skill. Just this evening the 3 of them were out in the hallway playing with cars. The girls were whizzing them up and down the hall while Wills tried to eat them – Lils would then tell him gently that he needed to push them and try to show him how. She is such a lamb, she really is.

These photos are taken from our holiday, the week that brought the three of them even closer together. The thing that strikes me about going away with kids, is their ability to entertain themselves with little to no toys. Every time we get home I end up getting rid of a few more bits as I know that they truly don’t need them.

Here’s part 1 of our holiday vlog if you want to see…

The three of them are a little team already and I know that over the coming months, with Wills learning to walk, they will all be such good friends. That isn’t to say that they won’t drive each other mad at times – lord knows Lils is driving Gracie a little mad at the moment due to her bossiness. Truth is, Gracie is actually put-out by it all as she has always been top dog!

We are off away for this weekend and there isn’t going to be any electricity at all – I cannot wait! The brochure says that entertainment consists of family time and that is the thing I am looking forward to the most.


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  1. Adorable pictures! Looked like a lovely holiday! It’s always great when they start crawling isn’t it.. but then shortly afterwards it’s like ‘ahh actually this means trouble’ haha! ;D xx

  2. Good luck getting photos of Wills now lol! bless him! Gorgeous photos lovely – your holiday looked amazing! xx #siblingsproject

  3. Ahh this looks and sounds like you had the very best time on your trip away. I like the sound of this kind of family time away. Lovely. You are doing so amazing with all your vlogs. I really wish I could edit faster and record better so I could share more. This is brilliant babes. #siblingproject

  4. I love the photo of the three of them in a hammock! Well done to Wills on being able to crawl – it’s lovely when they can get around even if it does bring its challenges too. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday ­čÖé #siblingsproject

  5. aw look at them in their matching swimwear that is supercute! I found the crawling stage not as bad as the just starting to walk stage! good luck!! #siblingsproject

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