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I am a little behind with this post and I did think about just skipping a month, but I have the photos and I don’t like breaking traditions. So despite being a week late, here are my May me & mine photos, taken on holiday in Holland last week. I am going to be writing all about our week away but in short, it was amazing. If you haven’t been to Holland then you really should, it is just so lovely.

Wills was asleep for this one but I wanted him in the photo anyway. All of this month’s photos are taken at sunset, partly due to the fact that our days were so busy but mainly for the fact that the sunsets were just incredible there – I mean look at that sky!

I have really enjoyed spending quality time with my 4 favourite people, you just don’t realise how little time you spend truly in the moment when you are busy with normal life. Our days are filled with chores, routines, deadlines and everything else in between. I am quite good at balancing my days while the children are awake, but my evenings are spent working and our weekends are always spent doing something or other. So for 7 whole days, with no wifi to distract us, we spent every minute together.

We have come home wanting more, more quality time, more games of UNO, more adventures together. I have to say I have never particularly had a thirst for travel, but I have got it now. I loved Holland so much and I loved that the girls were shown a different way of living, a slower, more carefree life. I want to show them the world, to encourage them to try new foods, to meet new people and embrace the different cultures.

This holiday has brought us all closer and it has shown us a different way of life, one that I want to bring into our normal. Family is everything, family comes first and everything else can wait.

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