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This month has been a whirlwind and it has made me miserable if I’m honest. I love travelling, I love taking my family on little adventures, but I don’t love the madness that goes along with it. Every time we go away I have to have a few mad days of work to catch up and it is leaving me exhausted. Life just doesn’t need to be like that. So I have put measures in place that mean I am slowing right down, trying to do less in the days so that I enjoy our time together more. That has had a knock on effect to my evenings but that is another matter entirely.

The other week we’d had a really relaxing day, pottering around the garden and meeting up with friends. It was a Sunday actually and normally Sundays mean getting ready for the week ahead, with baths and early to bed etc.. but not this Sunday. It was lovely and sunny so we decided to go for an evening stroll in a park just around the corner.

There is a beautiful old Willow tree next to a lake and it just made for a lovely setting (and of course I had my camera) so I took the opportunity to take our monthly family portrait. Would you believe this was the first take?! I was so pleased!!

Besides two crazy men wandering past and asking whether I’d like to take photos of them, we had a really lovely time. It was so nice to break the bedtime rules for once and just be in the moment.

Life is mainly hectic when there are 5 to get organised, but every now and then you manage to stop time and see exactly where you are. I want to try and cut down even more and reclaim my evenings too. Mr F and I haven’t had a date night in about forever so that definitely needs to happen.

Do you have any tips for creating a work – life balance? Or even just a life – life balance!

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  1. Gorgeous pics Katy. I’m no expert but I honestly do firmly believe that at least once a week, you have to just stop. Just read, do whatever you do to chill out. Ban phones/ipads etc! And then just start again the next day. I’ve been doing this the last couple of weeks and swept through emails and started again. I’m beginning to get a balance back but I’m having to throw perfectionism out of the window to achieve that. Not easy by any stretch!

  2. Gorgeous photos lovely – and thats my girl – love the matching stripes. I’m sorry work is overwhelming you, as you know I’m finding the same – definitely try and take some time for yourself, although it is easier said than done! Huge hugs – you’ve got this xxxx

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