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This month has completely snuck up on me, I cannot believe we are half way through April! We’ve just had our Easter holidays and I’d love to say we have had a lovely time but it would be a bit of a white lie. Once again we have been struck with illness – honestly when are these germs going to let up? Or is this it for now with 3 kids? One gets something and they just cycle them around and around.

Besides the germs, it has been lovely having them home. I miss them so much when they are at school, plus I absolutely loathe the school run so 2 weeks off has been bliss!! We have had such lazy days, it’s been great – I really don’t want to go back on Tuesday.

Nothing much has changed or happened with the three of them this month, they are still three peas in a pod and full of fun. Wills is desperate to join in with them and I think that will spur him on to learn to crawl. Once that happens all hell will break loose as he will be after all of their toys – I need to get organised before that happens!

I took these photos yesterday, what a bunch of misfits! Lils is one giant snot bag, Wills is old one’eye with conjunctivitis and you can just about make out Gracie’s black eye from a fall the other day. They are mine though and I love them – even if they do drive me bonkers half the time!

I am going to try and get organised in advance for next month and get some photos taken sooner rather than later! Blatantly won’t happen though will it?! Ha!
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  1. Oh I am sorry you’ve all been hit with the bugs – you’d never know it from the pictures! I’m with you on the school run – I am so glad not to have ours for a couple of weeks, and I only do it on Wednesdays so I’ve nothing to complain about!

  2. Oh no not mor bugs, you’ve not had much luck this year with germs! I loathe the school run too and having been enjoying a slower start to our days. We are only half way through our Easter Holidays, so strange that we all have different weeks x

  3. Gorgeous photos of your three having fun together. Sorry to hear that you’ve all been full of germs though – hope you manage to get rid of them very soon. We’re back tomorrow too and I’m not looking forward to it. The holidays have gone too quickly for my liking and I will miss having both the girls at home all day. #siblingsproject

  4. Sorry to hear you all have been plagued by the bugs that are circling. It’s awful. Hope that it’s out of the way for the sunshine coming so you can make the most of it. Looks like these you did just that. They are truly gorgeous what a happy memory of them cuddling on the blanket laughing and playing. I love how easy they look together. I need to take more candid photos of my two I have been trying to get away from them just looking at me when I do their siblings post but doing stuff together so the memories of that stay with us longer. If that makes sense. #siblingsproject

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