Siblings: March

I feel a bit emotional writing this, not really sure why. I’ve just been sorting through all of the photos of the three of them and I just can’t believe they are mine. I can’t believe I am a mum at all, let alone a mum to three. I looked at Gracie the other day and I couldn’t believe how big she had grown, she is so tall it makes me want to cry. It doesn’t seem a minute that I was carrying her down the corridor in her carseat, pleased as punch that I’d had a tiny 6lb 11oz baby, and now she is almost 6!

Besides Gracie turning into a beanpole, Lils has also suddenly grown up too. She has mastered potty training, even managing to do at pre-school on her own which is amazing. She refuses to speak to her key worker so instead she takes herself off to the toilet without telling a soul. So funny, everyone thinks she is so quiet but at home she couldn’t be louder!

These photos were taken at the weekend, can’t think which day but it was so sunny we couldn’t just stay indoors. It is so nice to be able to get out and about, with lighter evenings and bright mornings making an appearance once again. I am so so looking forward to this summer, not being pregnant! Last summer was a washout really as I just hid indoors away from the sun, so this summer I want to get out every day and make the most of it!

Wills is sitting up confidently now and has been a part of these monthly siblings photos for half a year. He is very much adored by his sisters and adores them just as much in return. His face absolutely lights up when we go to pick Gracie up from school, it is so sweet to see. And every day she says ‘Ah mummy, we are all back together again aren’t we?’ and they are, my little trio of happiness.

Being a mother is such a blessing and as much as they leave me feeling totally exhausted by the end of each day, they also fill my life with so much joy. 6 years of motherhood has made me a happier, more well rounded person and I am so incredibly proud to call them mine.

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      Ha I am an emotional wreck half the time too. I am not entirely sure how I manage to get them to sit still, I think I the promise of going to the park afterwards probably did the trick!! x

  1. ‘little trio of happiness’..I love that! I love that the weather’s getting warmer so we can all start taking photos outside again. These pictures just scream spring to me <3 and what a gorgeous trio you have xx

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  2. Beautiful photos – “little trio of happiness” is a beautiful description of them. Love the way Lils is laughing in the middle one. It’s crazy how quickly they grow up though isn’t it – I have moments of looking at Jessica and wondering what on earth happened to that tiny baby I once had. Wills is getting so big and I love Gracie and Lils co-ordinating outfits. Hope you manage to enjoy this summer! 🙂 #siblingsproject

  3. Oh bless Katy their happy smiles, cute faces, and coordinating outfits are so precious. I love this months Siblings from you. You have such a beautiful family. You can tell they are so lovely together and a great dynamic among the three of them. #siblingsproject

  4. Oh I think there is definitely something about turning 6 that makes us mummies so emotional, Eva turned 6 in December and I was ridiculous and still am about the fact that they just look so grown up now don’t they? Time machine anyone!? x

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