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It is Wednesday! Hands up who always gets half way through the week, panics and reaches for the junk food? Yep, that is quite often me! Being a busy mum of 3 means I am often exhausted by Wednesday so cannot spend too much energy on thinking about mealtimes.

I’ll be honest, I am a bit of a food snob and so I generally make my own meals from scratch. Now that obviously sounds ridiculous seeing as I have also just admitted that I reach for the junk but I am a complicated character! So, with my food snobbery I have always assumed that Dolmio is a cheat’s way of making sauce, that it is full of additives and that I shouldn’t use it. So when I was asked to take part in the #ThankGoodness challenge with Dolmio I was a little intrigued.

Turns out, Dolmio is actually full of goodness and it is delicious! Dolmio Bolognese Original 500g sauce is 100% natural and it provides a family of four with one of their 5-a-day each – that is brilliant! I was sent a hamper of goodies to help me to create some wholesome family meals. I wanted to make quick and easy meals but also meals that were healthy and delicious.

First up, an old classic, spaghetti bolognese. I wanted to make it a little different though so this is my chunky veg bolognese.

While the spaghetti was cooking I chopped up the veg.

I used mushrooms, peppers, onions and kidney beans but you could use whatever you have in your cupboard. I added them all in to the frying pan along with some beef mince and cooked them until they were soft.

Add in the Dolmio sauce and voila!


Next up is another veggilicious meal but with chicken and potatoes. I am a huge fan of one pot meals and so anything that lets me throw everything in is always a winner! This time I used carrots, onions, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers and aubergine.

I fried everything up until it was tender, while the potatoes parboiled.

I then grated some cheese on top of it all and baked it in the oven until it was a golden, cheesy bake!

Again, totally delicious!

Both meals were quick and easy, exactly what you need for a mid-week treat but were also jam packed full of goodness! I will definitely be stocking up with more jars of Dolmio from now on as they added just the right amount of flavour and made the whole thing stress-free. Wednesday nights are sorted!

Have you tried Dolmio recently? 

This post is an entry for the #Dolmio #ThankGoodness Challenge, sponsored by Dolmio. www.dolmio.co.uk/thankgoodness.

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  1. Oh that second meal looks really tasty! One pot meals are a godsend for dinner aren’t they… especially when you’re getting to the end of the week and need everything to be easier! It’s good to know that Dolmio have thought about what they’re putting in their sauce and that it’s all natural!

  2. I definitely get to Wednesday and I’m exhausted! I have found that meal planning helps with this and I am getting better at doing it. Spag bowl is a big family favourite here and this is great to hear that Dolmio is full of so much goodness. This is what families need, its hard to get the balance between feeding our family good wholesome meals and having the time. I love a one pot meal too! x

  3. Oooh, that second meal has really made me hungry. I would never have thought to use Dolmio Bolognese sauce for a chicken dish but what a great idea. A great dish for a quick, easy and healthy midweek meal for the whole family. Going to try it this week. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. This made me giggle because I am exactly like you! I make everything from scratch but then have no shame in reaching for the junk midweek! Must admit you have made me think when it comes to using a pre packagers sauce. It looks delicious and healthy.

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