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I really need to get more organised with my me and mine photos. I knew where we would do them this month but they were still a rush and my remote ran out of batteries after one photo! Light was also fading fast and so it was a mad dash to get as many as we could before the sun disappeared and we were plunged into darkness!

We have just had the loveliest weekend away at Center Parcs, I cannot remember the last time we had so much fun as a family. We didn’t want to come home but that is always the way isn’t it? I am going to share more about our stay in the next few days but here are a few photos taken on the Saturday night before we went for dinner.

The photo up at the top there is the only smiley one of Lils as she fell off the fence about 2 seconds later while I was faffing about with the remote. I then gave up and asked a passer-by if she could take some (I actually said could she take about a million ha!) and thankfully she managed to capture a few for us.

I am so glad we managed to get away this month as quite honestly I was exhausted. I love having a big family, I really do, but I do not love the extra work that comes along with it. It is mainly the washing – it is never ending! I am really struggling to find a balance at the moment and housework seems to be building up, so getting away and being able to forget about it all for a few days was bliss.

Unfortunately we have come home and the children have all got colds, meaning bedtimes are a bit stressful and Wills is pretty much refusing sleep altogether. That is one of the hardest things about having more than one child I think, trying to balance everything when they are poorly. Last night we had Wills in bed with us and then Gracie woke up calling for me too, I am one tired mama right now!

I have been really busy over the last month, too busy really and it has affected my mood and family time. Going away and being able to switch off for the most part, reminded me of what is really important and as a result I will be cutting down a little bit. Not so much that you’ll probably notice but enough that it will make a difference to my work-life balance.

Family is everything and I need to make sure I have enough energy left that I can give my all to my favourite people in the world. April brings the Easter holidays, 2 weeks of late starts and no routines thank goodness! It also brings a long weekend to the Lake District, I cannot tell you how excited I am for that!!

How has your March been?

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  1. I’m so pleased you had a wonderful break! And so lovely to have these photos to look back on – the top one is a framer for sure! Really hope the sleep situation improves for you soon, but how amazing to have another break to look forward to – I love the Lake District! #meandmine

  2. So glad you had a lovely time away, it sounds as if it was well needed! I can totally relate at the moment, and our holiday cannot come quick enough. These are gorgeous xx

  3. Ahhh gorgeous family snaps and that lighting is beautiful. Liittle man sticking his tongue out is priceless. What a lovely roundup for March may April be lovely to you all too. #meandmineproject

  4. Bless you, hope this month is a bit more relaxed for you and glad you got a break – what gorgeous photos, as always. xx

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