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It is no secret that I adore kids clothes and that I prefer dressing my children to dressing myself. A brand that I have always loved for baby clothes has been mini club by Boots and have bought several bits over the years. But it has only when mini club got in touch that I discovered that they actually do clothes right up to 6 years old! If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know I do love a bit of matchy non-matchy and so when I spotted these cute outfits for the girls I was sold!

We were sent a playsuit for Gracie and a 2 piece set for Lils. Both have the gorgeous cherry print and are both lovely in their own way. What I really like about them though is that although they are very pretty and feminine, they are also practical and allow them to have fun!

It has been so sunny the last few days and we decided to make the most of it and take ourselves off to some lakes nearby. The girls love nothing more than to be able to run free and explore, so off they went while Mr F and I followed on behind with Wills.

Gracie is obsessed with climbing right now after mastering the monkey bars at school. I have to stop myself from telling her to get down as I have a terrible fear of heights!!

We took a picnic blanket with us and Wills was able to join them while we all sat down to watch the ducks on the water. He is also in a mini club outfit – dungarees of course, my favourite!

He is getting so big now, sitting up unaided and showing signs of wanting to crawl. The denim is so soft, something I always look for in dungarees or jeans as there is nothing worse than restrictive clothing.

As you can see, he loves his outfit! 

Like I said, I had always known that mini club did brilliant baby outfits but the fact I can now get clothes for all three of mine is great! They are all such great quality but are also great value, so that is definitely a win!

Have you bought from mini club before?


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  1. These outfits are lovely! I just LOVE a sitting/crawling baby in dungarees, Ernie had about 12 pairs when he was 6 months old. Gracie in the Tree reminded me of Mabel, she’s such a daredevil too! Gorgeous photos in this post lovely, the one of the three of them is the perfect sibling shot! xx

    1. I am obsessed with dungarees and braces, I even picked up some shorts with braces the other day for summer – cannot WAIT to put him in them! x

  2. I absolutely love Boots clothes they are like a hidden treasure and have the most gorgeous patterns! My favourite are the girls patterned tunics which I think are two for £8 but get worn from dresses through to tops as they grow so amazing value. How gorgeous are your babies!!!!! Xx

  3. I love Boots mini club, they always have such beautiful patterns. I hadn’t realised they went up to age 6 either, fab news. I love buying their tunic tops with cropped leggings for the summer. They last so well that I hand down to Holly. Gorgeous photos, your baby boy looks completely adorable in dungarees x

  4. I love the colour of the girls’ outfits. I haven’t bought much from Boots clothes wise but we did have a gorgeous London bus all-in-one when Dex was a newborn. I much prefer dressing Dex to myself as well!

  5. I didn’t even know boots had a miniclub or sold children’s clothing. i love the cherry pattern on the girls outfits. The photos are stunning and those dunagrees are super cute.

  6. Oh my goodness…dungarees! HOW could I have forgotten dungarees? But when you have a 12, 10 and 7 yo you actually do forget they used to live in playsuits and dungarees!! I think we did Boots mini club a little bit when they were young but having lived abroad for 11, I must admit not so much. Loving the pic with the water in the background. Happy kids!

  7. I always forget Boots has such sweet kids’ clothes until I go in there! HA! Really like the outfits, the peter pan collar makes that top look so premium and little dude in his dungarees is so so so cute. Yvadney x #ALivelyStyle

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