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I have been a huge fan of Bobux since Lils was a baby, having a pair of their Xplorer shoes for those precious first steps. They were so soft and so well made I was really sad when she grew out of them. I’d always wanted a pair for Gracie but she was out of their age range. Thankfully they have listened to customer demand and extended their range for older children too. Hurrah!

The girls were very excited to be able to choose a new pair of shoes and I was very excited that they would be that same amazing quality and comfort that Bobux offer in a shoe. They have a great selection of styles in their Kid+ range but the girls knew almost instantly that they wanted the Blaze trainers – Gracie chose Zebra and Lils chose Unicorn.

The great thing about Bobux sizings is that they are done on foot length in mm rather than having to know a ‘size’. A quick measure brought the girls out as 26mm and 28mm, so hardly anything between them despite being 2 years apart. I swear Gracie’s feet never grow and poor Lils is obviously going to take after me in the big feet department!

I took the girls to the park to try out their new shoes, to let them run free and to show them in their natural environment. The thing I love about Bobux shoes is the fact that they mimic being barefoot – that is the best thing for developing feet.

When you are little, you don’t want shoes interfering with your adventures. To be able to grip and have better balance is what you need and exactly what Bobux is all about.

I adore the prints in the Blaze collection, they are so much fun! They have other animals too – Gracie almost chose the snow wolf but went with the zebra in the end. Lils was set on the unicorns from the very beginning – there’s a girl who knows her own mind!

An added bonus of the animal being on the one side of each shoe is that it helps Lils know which foot to put them on each time. She is forever getting her lefts and rights in a muddle but now she knows that her unicorns go on the inside.

The girls love their new shoes and I love them too. If you are on the look out for soft comfortable shoes that kids will love then Bobux Kids+ are what you need!

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  1. My husband is a shoe and fitness fanatic and also recommends that shoes should be as natural for flgrowing feet- whilst obviously providing the necessary support. Bobux seemed to have nailed this and with appealing styles too. My eldest is totally into unicorns right now!

  2. How have I never heard of these? I love the idea of measuring the foot, I often think that surely is a better way of doing it. The designs look great and I have 2 little girls who would love them. I think the unicorn would be top of Alice’s list. X

  3. We love Bobux shoes and in fact have the unicorn shoe pictured above! They have been a great hit in our house – very comfy, easy to put on, great for active kids and lovely designs too!

  4. Oh, these shoes are gorgeous! They are beautiful colours & so feminine. They look really well made. The little animals on the sides is really helpful, I remember my son having shoes with a soccer ball or something on the outside which was a bit help in remembering which foot they go on.

  5. I would love a pair of unicorn shoes! Shame you can’t get adult versions. I had not heard of Bobux Kids until I read this post. I often find kids shoes very hard on the sole so I will be checking these out as I have a feeling it will not be long until I need to buy Kipper his first shoes and I like the sound of them mimicking bare feet. Monkey always puts his shoes on the wrong feet.

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