Good Vibrations Deluxe Activity Gym

The girls didn’t really use an activity gym, I am not really sure why as we had a perfectly good one but it just never got used. I sold it along with so many of the girls’ things, thinking I wouldn’t be needing them again but of course here we are starting all over again! I got Wills a gorgeous play mat for when he was newborn, a frivolous spend as we had been given a voucher and I didn’t really know what else to buy. It wasn’t an activity centre though, just a mat with some dangly bits – but he loved it! So, now that he is growing at a rate of knots he needs one that will keep him entertained.

We have been fans of Little Tikes for so long now, we have their Cape Cottage and their Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen, along with quite a few of their Lil’ Ocean Explorers toys. So when they asked if we would like to try out their Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym I was interested to see if it would be any good. It certainly looks fab with all of the bright colours – something that I knew would hold his interest.

Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym review

He’s been using it for the last month or so and I have to say I am really impressed. He genuinely likes being under it and this means I can leave him to babble away happily while I get on with other jobs. It isn’t a traditional baby gym as such, it doesn’t have a static over-bar but instead has a track arching over baby.

Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym toucan

This track holds a toucan which moves side to side while playing a selection of tunes. I think this is his favourite part as he will happily watch the bird for ages – you can see him tracking it with his eyes, working out what is going on. I do find the noise of the toucan moving is a little loud but honestly it is such a great addition that it doesn’t matter.

Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym hanging toys

The track also has loops to hang various toys and comes with a selection of scrunchy fabrics and chewy bits and bobs. He is loving the rustling sounds at the moment so spends ages grabbing for those.

Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym Looking in the mirror

He is absolutely fascinated with his own reflection – if you watch our weekend vlogs you’ll have seen him staring at the camera (we have it in selfie mode a lot). It comes with a little mirror and he will smile at himself and then frown as he tries to work out what is going on – so funny!

Good Vibrations Deluxe Gym tummy time

The great thing about it is the fact that it grows with him. The arch can be lowered so he can be on his tummy and get to everything from a different angle. He is already wanting to crawl so he spends quite a long time on his tummy so this is perfect!

Little Tikes activity gym

The final feature is the fact that the mat vibrates. We have a wooden floor so it makes quite a loud noise unfortunately but he does seem to like the feel of it. There have definitely been moments where he was a little unsettled but turning it on has calmed him again.

It is so funny how different children like different things. Going on the fact that the girls didn’t enjoy being on a mat would have meant he missed out, luckily I gave this a try as it is his favourite place to be right now!

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