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Well that’s it, the final set of the year. To think the girls didn’t even know they would have a brother in their January Siblings photo and here they are all together and exactly 3 years ago today Gracie became a big sister for the first time – today is Lil’s birthday! I can’t actually believe it!

My three December

This month has been difficult, with illnesses and arguments. Gracie had a bit of a setback with her behaviour and has been acting out quite a bit. I think it is a mix of tiredness at the end of term and feeling a little left out. I can imagine it is hard on her knowing her brother and sister get to stay home every day with me while she has to be at school. Lils starts pre-school in January so hopefully that will make her feel better about it all.

lils in december

Ah my big girl, how is she even 3? She is an absolute delight to be around, such a character! She is such a cutie, always caring for those around her – especially her little brother. He loves her too and will give her such big smiles when she talks to him. That makes me sad actually, that Gracie doesn’t share their bond but it makes me want to make the most of weekends and holidays so that he gets to know her too.

chocolates on the tree

The thing I am glad about is the fact that my girls are continuing to get closer. It is funny as I wouldn’t have thought that possible but their bond gets stronger all of the time. I guess the age gap is closing as Lils is growing and their interests overlap, they both love imaginative play and so will always be found making up something or other, giggling like mad.

sisters in december

These are some of my favourite photos of them and actually part of a rare selection of all three together. It is so nice that Wills is able to be propped up a bit more now so he can join in the fun. It won’t be long until he is sitting – he is so strong already and can sit for about 5 seconds unaided!! Madness!!

I love that the final set of Siblings photos of the year will always fall on Lil’s birthday, the day that our siblings journey began. This month’s selection will be going on the wall for sure!

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  1. It’s amazing to go back to January and think about family life then…not having a clue. Beautiful pics of the 3 of them and I hope Gracie has some lovely time with her little bro and you all over Christmas 🙂 xx #siblingsproject

  2. Gorgeous photos – love the ones of your little trio together and the one of Gracie and Lils together. Hope Lils had a lovely birthday. Amazing to look back and think that in January the girls didn’t even know they would be having a brother and now it seems like Wills has always been there. Good luck for Lils with starting preschool in January – Sophie starts in January too. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x #siblingsproject

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