Feeling Confident in Joni Jeans

I cannot remember the last time I lived in jeans. In fact I am not entirely sure I have ever lived in jeans! I have been a leggings girl for the last 10 years or so and jeans always felt so restrictive in comparison. I don’t exactly know what has made me feel the need for a pair but I’ve felt myself looking longingly at them over the last few months. The problem with jeans though is my bum – it is far too big and means they fall down half the time resulting in that oh so glamorous hoiking up every 5 minutes.

peeking through the trees

I’d heard a few people mention Joni jeans before, they are from Topshop though and I haven’t shopped in there since I was about 18. Not sure why, I think it has been a mix between the fact I couldn’t especially afford their clothes and that I felt I was too old for them. I know, old at 32 – I am crazy!

Jeans to make you thinner

Nothing to wear

Recently I have been feeling much more body confident and so a few weeks ago I decided to try these jeans, to see what the hype was about. True love, that’s what! For one, they are stretchy – a girls best friend right there! The thing I really love though is that they sit higher than normal jeans (think Simon Cowell, but in a good way). With a higher rise comes a more flattering look and I feel so good in them!

Joni Jeans Topshop

I have been wearing them with everything! I need to buy myself a few more pairs I think as I would wear them every day if I could! In fact, Mr F has asked what I would like for Christmas and I think I will just ask for these – they make me happy!

Have you heard of Joni jeans? I promise you will love them too! 

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  1. I’ve never heard of Joni Jeans. I’m usually a Levis girl and totally live in my jeans but I will be sloping off now to look for some Joni ones! Fab photos with a great Autumn back drop, love it!

  2. I live in Joni jeans! They are amazing. I love that they are high waisted and they never fall down and the are so fitting but in such a flattering way! I don’t think I could ever change now. x

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