Happy Days: Smiles, Spontaneity and A Coffee Table

Welcome to HappyDays! The idea of this linky is to inspire others to make the best out of every day, to see the happy in the little things. As no matter what, there is always something good in every single day- we just need to take the time to see it. Share your happy posts, Sian and I love to read them!

I am so glad it is the weekend! This week has seemed so long, with Gracie being off school for 2 days and me feeling completely overwhelmed by everything I have on my plate right now. I am sitting here with my baby boy beside me, unable to move for fear of him waking up and needing yet another feed. He is super clingy right now and it means I don’t feel like I have had more than 30 seconds to myself.

Mr F is home for the next couple of days thank goodness and he is just about to head to the shop to see what treats he can get for the evening. I feel like I haven’t eaten in about a month so I can’t wait!!

What has made my happy list this week? 

– Smiles. As much as he is a royal pain in the bum at 2am, how can I be annoyed at that smiley face? He is giving more and more smiles now and they make me so happy!!

– Halloween. We had the best time on Monday, going trick or treating for the very first time (my first time too!). My friend did a little party and it was so much fun!! I felt like a kid again!

– Spontaneity. I am always one for routine, for making plans, but this week I have been spontaneous and I have really enjoyed it!

– Coffee mornings. One of those spontaneous moments was popping into town with Sian. She was heading in with JJ and asked if I fancied going too. As much as we chat every single day and run this linky, we rarely find the time to meet in real life despite living 5 minutes apart! Must do it more often!!

– Soft play. My second spontaneous day out was yesterday when a friend messaged and asked if I fancied joining her at soft play. LJ gets a raw deal at the moment with me feeding Wills half the day so we dropped what we were doing (not much) and off we went. She had such a fun time and I had a good natter!

– My coffee table. Oh my days I cannot tell you how in love with it I am. Oak Furniture Land had a flash sale and after years of wanting one we finally had enough savings to go ahead. We got a new tv cupboard too and I adore them both!!!

– Lists. Well, reaching (almostthe bottom of mine. I live for lists and normally it seems never ending. I’m hoping that today will see a huge chunk ticked off and then I will be winding down to Christmas.

– Vlogmas. I am loving my YouTube channel and this year I am going to be doing Vlogmas – uploading a video every day up to Christmas Eve. I have lots of fun things planned for December so make sure you subscribe to get the updates!

This weekend Gracie has a birthday party but apart from that we aren’t doing much at all thank goodness. I have a couple of photoshoots that need doing but hopefully they won’t take too long. If it rains I won’t be able to do them at all, so hopefully the sun will shine for an hour at some point!

Have a good weekend! 

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Comments 13

  1. Those smiles are the best! It is lovely when you can be a bit more spontaneous, those days out however small always seem to go better. I hope the sun shines for you and I am very excited about Vlogmas! Thank you for hosting x

  2. Ah I feel your pain hun. My gorgeous girl is like a limpet during the day unless feeding or sleeping. Love her though. You start to panic with the amount to do though. Sounds like some lovely meet ups. I bet the coffee table is gorgeous. Thanks for hosting xx

  3. Aww yay for smiles and fun days out too!
    I wish I could do Vlogmas but my life is too boring! lol! I keep trying daily vlogging for a month but it’s pointless for me! Looking forward to seeing all your exciting goings on over the month though!

  4. Oh we got a coffee table this year and I love it – makes the room look so homely!! Ah pleased to hear LJ enjoyed soft play I am a little worried my Harri will be at a bit of a loose end when my new baby arrives next month. #happydays

  5. Sounds like a fab week. The early days with a newborn are tough and getting out and seeing people is definitely the way forward! ????

  6. What a lovely week. Halloween is great fun, glad you enjoyed it. Sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed, I get like that a lot. Easy for me to say things can wait, following through is a different matter. Hope you got some yummy treats x

  7. I ma glad Gracie is better, but other than that it sounds a fun week, we have been off so have not stopped and I am off to London tomorrow which is always exiting, have a lovely week x

  8. I love spontaneous little outings, they’re always so much more fun when they’re unexpected. Sounds like you’ve had a great week (apart from the clinginess, but those smiles are definitely worth it).

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