Why We Chose The Buggy Board Maxi Plus

I always like to be prepared and I began thinking about the logistics of having three children quite early on. One of the things that I gave a lot of thought to was what we would do about Lils and her buggy. Obviously baby would need a pram, which would mean we would either have to get a double pushchair or find an alternative solution.

My main concern was the fact that Lils was still so little, which you may think odd given the fact that she is almost 3, but she is very immature for her age and loved her buggy. Back in July she was still falling asleep on the way back from dropping her sister at school and so I was concerned that she wouldn’t cope without one. However, I wasn’t particularly keen on getting a double, having had one before when Lils was a baby, they are so heavy and the fact I would be pushing a three year old and a baby filled me with dread!

When I found out that Lascal had brought out the Maxi Plus, I knew it would be the perfect solution for us! We had the original Buggy Board Maxi when transitioning from the double buggy with Gracie and she loved it. The new Maxi Plus has a little seat – perfect for Lils who gets so tired still!

lascal buggy board maxi plus

The great thing about the Maxi Plus is the fact that the seat can be put down so they are able to stand on the board just as they could on the original. It also comes with the handy strap to hook it up off the ground completely if they want to walk along instead.

Maxi Plus Buggy Board

When baby was first born we drove most places, but now that I have recovered fully we are walking back and forth from school each day. It is much too far for Lils to walk and so she is loving being able to ride on her buggy board. Most of the time she will sit on the seat too, so I am very glad that we have that option. Nobody wants to have a ratty toddler on their hands and the Buggy Board means she is happy to go on a walk now, knowing that she can rest when she needs it.

New Lascal Buggy Board

If you want to see the board in action, we’ve made a little video here…

If you already have the Maxi board you can buy the seat separately or buy the pair together  – either way the seat is a godsend and we couldn’t be without it!

What do you think? Will you be needing one soon?

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We were kindly sent the Buggy Board Plus but all words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Oh I’m so glad to have seen this – I’m so close to ordering one and I’m glad to hear you approve! Ive also been planning the school run with 3 little ones, and I’m thinking this will be a godsend. Thanks for the review! xx

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