Me & Mine: September

It is funny how time can go so slow one minute and fly by the next, don’t you think? This time last month I felt as though time had come to a complete standstill, baby was stubbornly staying put and I was totally fed up. Fast forward to now and I have a 3 week old baby! He kept me waiting 8 days past my due date but he finally joined our little family on the 7th September 2016.

Three weeks in and I am still in shock to be honest. I keep looking at him, then turning to Mr F and saying things like ‘we have a baby’ or ‘I grew him – can you believe it?‘. He thinks I am mad – perhaps I am! I just can’t get over it though, I have a baby, a teeny tiny (not so tiny at 10lbs...) baby! This time last year I would have laughed in your face if you’d told me I would have another baby, and yet here he is! My beautiful little Wills.

Now you may have just done a double take and noticed that I used his name (of sorts). It took us a few days to think of a name for him and since then I have been pondering what to call him here on the blog. Call it baby brain but I cannot actually think of anything to call him and so Mr F and I sat down and discussed the reasons for hiding their names and agreed that nicknames would be ok. To be honest it all boggles my mind a little and I will still limit their use but I will just feel a little less stressed about it all. Especially as I am filming a lot more now – I find it so difficult not referring to them properly, especially when the girls look at me like I am completely insane!

Me and Mine Sept 2016

So this is my family, five of us now – Me, Mr F, Gracie, Lils and Wills.

We’ve had a very busy month, with Gracie starting school full time. She was totally ready for it and I thought I was too but a few weeks in I am really missing having her around. I think she is enjoying it, to be honest she doesn’t give too much away. The only thing I seem to get from her is what she has had for pudding every day- biscuits ‘with sugar sprinkled on top’ seems to be a fave!

Of course Wills making an arrival on her third day at school made for a dramatic start to the term and meant she had her first unauthorised day off of the year. Whoops! Since that day, our lives have been a little bit topsy turvy but the girls have taken it all in their stride. They absolutely adore him and he is most definitely the centre of their world right now.

family sept 2016

Being a mum of 3 is going well, I am coping and haven’t had any major disasters yet. It isn’t easy though and I think the only reason I am managing is because I am a control freak who loves to make a list! I make sure I get up in plenty of time to get baby fed and get myself dressed before the girls wake up. Most days I have even managed to put makeup on which has been unheard of in about 2 years!!

Sept 2016 family portrait

The last couple of days have been difficult though as G has had a sickness bug. It has meant that none of us have had much sleep (besides Wills who sleeps for England!). I am really hoping the rest of us don’t get it, especially Lils, as I am not sure I can cope with a poorly toddler and look after a baby.

September 2016 Me and Mine

So besides being a germy household, we are doing really well. In fact I can’t imagine a time when there wasn’t 5 of us. He has slotted in so well and is such a contented little boy that it hasn’t felt as though we’ve had to make much of an adjustment at all. Of course I am going to keep an eye on the girls, make sure they aren’t feeling left out at all, but they are happy playing with each other so hopefully they will continue to adore him and not feel any resentment towards him for the attention he gets. Fingers crossed anyway!!

my sig 2016

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  1. These photos are beautiful! The girls look so proud of their new sibling. I hope you are all settling into being a family of 5. It goes so quick so try and enjoy these early days xx

  2. Katy you impress me so much! I don’t know how you are blogging at all with a baby let alone getting everyone in the shot. You’re amazing! So pleased to hear everything is going so well, sickness bug aside! Hopefully that is long gone now. Linking up too this month #meandmineproject

  3. Oh these are photos to be treasured – what lovely shots of you as a five, you all look so utterly and completely happy – which is exactly as it should be 🙂

  4. It’s so lovely to see you as a family of 5. I totally get the whole “I made this thing”. Oh and all I get out of M about school is she doesn’t like all the tidying up!

  5. Ahhh gorgeous photos Katy these are precious. You are making me extremely broody with your little baba cuddled up with you all. So cute. #meandmineproject

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  6. Aw what gorgeous photos of you and your family! Congrats on Wills! <3 I bet the girls love him so much already! 😀 I don't know how you do it as a mum of 3! I'm struggling with our first newborn ( Amelia is 7 weeks ) haha don't know how single mums or mums of more than 1 child do it! x

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