Dressing Baby with The Essential One

When I had Little G I used to love dressing her in cute little outfits, she was given so many clothes that we had enough for an outfit a day until she was about a month old – no washing needed. It was ridiculous really but I didn’t mind, just gave me another outfit to photograph – my own doll!

When LJ came along she inherited all of G’s clothes and so it wasn’t so much fun, I’d seen all of the outfits before and really with completely different colouring the outfits just didn’t look as cute. It would have been silly to buy new outfits though so she lived in her sister’s hand-me-downs. Not that she would have had any idea of course but I was always aware, with toys as well as clothes, that she never had anything of her own – poor lamb.

When we found out we were having a boy this time I was so pleased – I would be able to start a fresh, dress him in clothes that were his and his alone. I also made the decision early on that I wouldn’t be dressing him in anything other than babygrows until he was around 3 months old. I don’t want to rush his baby stage, dressing him in jeans etc.. there will be plenty of time for that. I want to cherish these days, the sleepy newborn days and for me, babygrows are what babies should wear.

I’ve had a few people ask where I have been getting his sleepsuits from as they have struggled to find anything they like for their boys. My favourites of his were kindly sent by the Essential One, a gorgeous online store which sells the cutest baby outfits. What I love about them is the fact they are simple baby rompers and vests, not toddler outfits in baby sizes!

The Essential One

You’ll have probably seen him wearing this one if you follow me on social media, I adore it – red is definitely his colour!

The Essential One number 1

I chose a set of 3 and he looks gorgeous in all of them. I chose them specifically as Mr F is football mad and he and his brothers have great plans for the first baby boy in the family. I have a feeling his first Christmas will see lots of football related presents coming his way!

Future England Captain

The Essential One Captain

I am so glad that I got them in a size that will last him a few weeks as they are just so soft and lovely, I want to get a few wears out of them. They will be going in his baby box once he is finished wearing them and who knows, one day I might be getting them out to share when he is a famous footballer 🙂

my sig 2016

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