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As always, I am thinking about this the night before it goes live. As this pregnancy has progressed I have become more and more forgetful and less and less organised. As I write this I haven’t even checked to see if the photos I am hoping to use are actually any good. If they aren’t, well, they will just have to do anyway as I don’t have any others haha!!

The girls have been fantastic this month, so understanding of this pregnancy malarkey. I am totally useless now and I am only going to get worse over the next few weeks. My body is pretty much failing me so I can’t do anything fun with them at all. I am just so thankful that they have each other and that the summer holidays are almost here- they will be able to entertain themselves in the garden until he arrives.

siblings july 2016

They do seem to have lost interest in the baby now, I think it must just feel like forever until he will arrive (I know I am feeling that!!!) and so they aren’t fussing over my tummy as much as they were. LJ does still kiss him goodnight every night but they just don’t seem to mention him that much now. Their attention has been diverted into the realms of arguments and tantrums this month – not something I have loved!

I actually think most of the trouble has been caused by LJ eating too much cheese haha. Odd you say? Yes, well if she has too much dairy it seems to trigger an intolerance – probably the remnants of her milk allergy. She is obsessed by cheese and for an easy life I have been agreeing to it a little too much. It has obviously come back to bite me on the bum though and resulted in a very grumpy little girl indeed!

Despite the tantrums they are still best of friends and on the whole play nicely together. They are all about the matchy matchy at the moment – as you can see from their dresses. It isn’t even me (although I do love a matching outfit) as they request to have the same whenever I buy them anything. Particularly LJ who even requested a pair of school shoes to match her sister!! Funny girl!!

That is all for this month I think and who knows, this may be my last siblings post before baby comes *crosses all fingers and toes that he decides to come early*.

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P.S. Turns out all the photos were naff so I just used one twice! Haha!!

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  1. It’s still an adorable photo, you can see the love they have for each other. I can’t believe there might be a third little person in the photos next month, how exciting. Take care lovely and be kind to yourself X #thesiblingsproject

  2. Awww they’re adorable and I love that they ask to dress the same!!! I hope the cheese tantrums ease, that doesnt sound fun to deal with when pregnant! x

  3. This is such a wonderful photo of them both. They clearly love each other very much and share a special bond. Do not feel guilty about not being able to do what you normally do. Children are so versatile that they will understand that mummy cannot run around with them so much because she is carrying a baby in her tummy. And you have lots and lots of fun times to look forward to once little one has arrived. I’m sure they are going to be amazing big sisters

  4. It is a gorgeous picture of them so it’s worth using twice 😉 The end of pregnancy really really sucks. This was me six months ago so I feel your pain. I hope you manage to get as much rest as is physically and practically possible in the next few weeks before baby arrives x

  5. So cute how they are looking at one another. My two also love to match and whilst they might think otherwise when they are older, for now I think it’s cute! Xx

  6. Oh Katy they are so adorable love love their matching outfits and the bond between them seems so strong. Lovely captures this month. #siblingsproject

  7. Love their matching dresses! So cute. It’s crazy to think there will be another one in these photos next time… How exciting! x

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