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It doesn’t seem a minute that I was taking Little G for her first day at nursery and yet here we are, starting the 6 week holiday before she starts school. She was born for school really and has been looking forward to starting in reception since she first found out that going to school was an option!

Marks and Spencer’s have been helping kids get ready for school for over a century and this year they are looking back through their archives to see how back to school has changed for kids. So, I have been looking back through old photos of my school days and thinking about what school was like for me when I was G’s age.

First school photo

I searched and searched for a ‘first day at school’ photo but I think it is just a sign of the times that there isn’t one. I take so many photos of the girls every single day but 27 years ago that just wasn’t possible. Plus without digital cameras I’d imagine lots of photos got thrown away for being blurry, having heads cut off and all sorts. This is my very first official school photo, probably taken in the first term. As you can see I am in green, just as Little G will be in green for her first photo – both of us kitted out by Marks and Spencer’s, how fab is that?

me starting schoolMe & A Friend

I used to walk to school with all of the children down my road, with the parents walking along behind. We don’t live in a ‘family heavy’ road so we walk along on our own. Well, I say walk – Little G actually goes on her scooter now. I don’t think there were such things as scooters when I was little, I had a bike but I never rode it to school as my mum would have had to bring it home again! Actually, in truth my mum used to push me to school in a buggy for the first term- can you imagine? I knew I was lazy but honestly, what was she thinking??

M & S PinaforeIn the Easter Parade

Something that doesn’t seem to have changed at all is the style of uniform. G has already chosen a pinafore ready for September and that is her favourite thing to wear to school – mainly because it is ‘twirly’. Uniforms are much more child friendly these days though, without any fiddly fastenings to contend with on P.E. day. I can clearly remember getting in a faff with shoes, whereas these days it is all about the velcro. I do keep meaning to teach her how to tie laces actually but it is so easy to forget when shoes rarely have them now!

Marks and Spencer's school trousers

So from past to present, Little G has everything she needs ready to start in September. And as I looked at this photo it dawned on me – I would never have worn trousers to school! I think trousers were only allowed for girls when I was around 14 or 15 years old. She wears them all the time now – great for when she is hanging upside down from the climbing frame in the playground.

Marks and Spencer's school pinafore

Doesn’t she look adorable? I can’t quite believe she is going to be going all day, every day. I have such fond memories of my first year at school, of my teacher Mrs Dew. I hope that she is just as happy as I was, that she will be able to look back in years to come and think about her first days and smile.

Marks and Spencer's school skirt

She loves her new uniform and the fact that Marks and Spencer’s have been providing kids with uniforms for the past century just goes to show how brilliant they are. I especially love the non-iron shirts – what is not to love about that?! And who knows, maybe her daughter will be twirling her way to school in their uniform too!

Have you got everything ready for September? Take a look at how M&S uniforms have changed over the decades, I was an 80’s kid! How has back to school changed since you were little?

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  1. Ah Kate little G looks so cute and she is so like you when you were little. Its so funny looking back isn’t it? And also so scary how they grow so quickly, time has flown since the boys started school xx

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