Siblings: April

I have just seen the date!! Argh! Did I sleep through March??

I didn’t take any specific ‘siblings’ photos this month as in all honesty I forgot haha!! If you had asked me the date I would have said maybe the 5th April or something. Ah well.. I do have plenty of photos of the girls though as I am never without my camera or my phone.

Gender reveal photoFilming our gender reveal video

I think how the girls are, right now in this moment in time, is just amazing. This month has been all about laughter (mainly from me) as they are completely bonkers. They get on so well, complimenting each other perfectly. If you have watched our gender reveal video you will know we are having a little boy (eeeeek) and deep down I am relieved. I would have adored a third girl but I would have always worried about three being a crowd. But now, the girls will still just be the two girls and together they can look after and adore their baby brother.

Girls picking daisiesDaily trips to the park

This past month or so has seen Little G being off school (slap cheek risk at school meant she could have passed it to baby and that could have had devastating consequences). She is back on Monday though and I am really sad about it. We have had so much fun together and the girls have definitely grown closer for being around each other more than normal. It has taught me that home schooling wouldn’t be so difficult at all but for now she will be going back. However, we find out her school allocation on Monday and if we don’t get her first choice I may be pulling her out altogether.

Facepainted girliesFacepaints at Kidzania London 

LJ is now properly talking – I can hardly believe she is the same child!! The other day we watched a movie called ‘Bedtime Stories’ with Adam Sandler and that evening we all took turns to tell our own stories that we hoped would come true. Listening to LJ telling a story was just the funniest thing, I don’t think I have laughed so much in ages. Let me tell it to you….

Bob, Boat….. (laughs hysterically)… Bob, Boat….. ORANGE!!

(repeat about 50 times while we all roll about laughing!!!). 

Girls at GrandadsMadness at Grandad’s house

As I write this, they are currently running around the house playing with their toy dinosaurs. They are so much fun, full of life and laughter,  I am going to go join them now. 🙂

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  1. I know what you mean about the date, I forgot and quickly did my photos yesterday! I loved watching your girls on the revel video, so exciting to be having a baby boy. We find out about Alice’s school on Monday too, eek! Good luck x

  2. I seriously cannot believe it is April already, time is flying by. Looks like these to have a lot of fun together. Love the face paintings x

  3. Oh, that’s such a fabulous story – I just laughed and I wasn’t even there! I love reading these sibling posts from everyone – the relationships are just so lovely. It sounds like you’ve all had a lovely time together – I love the face paints! Good luck with the school allocation – I hope you get the result you’re after.

  4. I LOVE that pic with the facepaints!!! What an extraordinary shot with the lovely patterns behind! Gorgeous! Just think! Not long and there’ll be a new little face in these Siblings pics!! So exciting 🙂 xx #SiblingsProject

  5. The 15th of the month really did come out of nowhere didn’t it, I too had to use photos that had just been snapped throughout the month this time. They are all lovely shots though I love the last one of them just having fun together. x

  6. Aww they look so cute together! Best friends as well as sisters. I’m sure they’re going to adore their new baby brother and shower him with plenty of big cuddles and kisses. Fingers crossed you get your first choice of primary school x

  7. Your girls are so beautiful and remind me of ours when they were young. Completely inseparable and they still are! We too went on to have a third, a boy. Oh Katy the cuddles and affection you have in store for you. Boys are very different – although I have a pic of ours wearing a tutu so with older sisters he’ll have lots of fun. Having a boy brought out a whole different side to me that I didn’t know existed. A very beautiful thing. Ours are a bit closer in age 3 1/2 years between eldest and youngest. I know! But that’s how we wanted it.
    I admire you for contemplating home schooling and believe in the right of choice. Every parent has to do what is best for their children and family. Big hugs and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Sammie xx

  8. Aww what gorgeous girlies they are – and yay for a boy (I was at work when I read your post and It was killing me that I couldn’t watch the video to find out the answer!!). I’m ever so slightly biased by two girls and then a boy is just completely awesome!! I think it definitely helped Elma that she kept her role as Baby Sister until she was ready to be Little Big Sister.

  9. so lovely to have some time together, I find when E is off school for holidays they seem so much more in tune – then they have to go back! And a little brother into the mix, so exciting X

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