Recipe Box: Salted Caramel Apple Parcels

I have a tendency to buy too much food, I hate waste though so always have to come up with some sort of recipe to use up the ingredients. Apples seem to be one of those culprits- we can go weeks without an excess but then all of a sudden people will stop eating them and they will build up! More often than not we make apple crumble but this week I saw this recipe and had to try it myself.

We have actually had a bit of an apple themed week, we were sent a gorgeous book and enjoyed reading it a few times at bedtime. I do love to work on a theme for a week, although haven’t managed to do any of my themed weeks with the girls for so long now. I kept them up through the summer holidays but with Little G being at school I just don’t seem to be able to get organised enough.

Apple Pigs

Apple Pigs by Ruth Orbach

The idea behind the book made me laugh as it reminded me so much of our own abundance of apples. The characters in the story end up having an apple feast to use up all of the apples and I can tell you, as I sit here writing this I have indeed had a feast on apples today!

Delicious salted caramel apple parcels

I am warning you now, once you have made these you may have to keep the basic ingredients on standby for more emergency supplies- they are deliciously moreish!

To make your own salted caramel apple parcels you will need:

1 large apple – I always use eating apples for some natural sweetness but cooking are fine too. 

2 sheets of puff pastry – I bought mine, making it from scratch is far too stressful!

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp caster sugar

1 tin of caramel – you won’t need a full tin so be warned, you may eat the rest with a spoon!

A pinch of salt

Milk to glaze

A pinch of caster sugar to top them off.

cutting the circles of puff pastry

First of all you need to cut out enough pairs of puff pastry to fill the baking tray.

Chopping the apples

Next you need to chop up the apples- 2 apples are plenty but I had rather a lot so made enough to feed a small army!

adding the cinnamon and sugar to the apples

Once you have the apples chopped into small cubes you can add the cinnamon and sugar. Cinnamon is such a Christmassy smell isn’t it? I love it so much!

preparing the apple parcels

You don’t need too much apple, use a teaspoon to scoop a little mixture onto each circle.

Caramel and salt on the apple parcels

Now this is the part that will need a lot of willpower. I was defeated a couple of times I will admit- it was a little bit of caramel for the parcels, a little bit for me….. You then need to sprinkle a very small amount of salt on top, just enough to give a taste.

Forking the pastry

Place the second circle on top, fork down the edges, brush with milk and sprinkle a little sugar. They are ready to cook- 20 minutes in the oven at 200ºC should do the trick!

Try not to eat more caramel while you wait……

Gorgeous salted caramel apple parcels

Place on a wire rack to cool.

Pop the kettle on…

Delicious salted caramel apple parcels

And enjoy!

Delicious Salted Caramel Apple Parcels Recipe

Whether you have too many apples or you buy them especially, you will definitely be making these more than once!

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