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This feature is all about celebrating real mums. Mums are amazing and come in all shapes and sizes but sometimes we can feel alone, we can feel as though we are the only ones struggling to keep on top of things. I want to lift the lid on motherhood so we can all feel part of a sisterhood, to feel proud about our own achievements and know that we are doing the best we can!

Without further a do let me hand over to my lovely friend Sian!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

I’m Sian, mum to two little boys. Little N is 3 years old and Baby J is one. I used to be an accountant in the music industry but now I’m a stay-at-home mum which I love. My fiancé Ian works in the music industry too – it’s how we met! I also have two stepchildren, my stepson is 8 and my stepdaughter is 6. It’s pretty full on in our house! And of course I blog at Quite Frankly She Said.

Describe a typical day in your life

Our days are so varied depending on what we have planned! While the boys have their breakfast I tackle some of the housework. I usually aim to get out of the house by 10am. We either head to a toddler group, the park, the farm or a friend’s house to play. I’m rarely organised enough to remember to bring lunch with us so we either head home to eat or we buy food from wherever we are. Baby J has a nap after lunch which is when Little N and I snuggle up on the sofa to watch Peppa Pig and share some biscuits. I feel guilty that I don’t have enough one-to-one time with each of my boys so I cherish the small moments that we do get. Afternoons are full of playing, drawing, generally making as much mess as possible for Ian to despair at when he gets home from work! I try to give the boys their dinner around 5pm. Bedtime is around 7.30pm but sometimes it takes such a long time to get Baby J to sleep. Ian has complained half-jokingly that he never sees me, because by the time the children are finally settled I am ready for bed too..!

What is the best thing about being a mum?

The amount of love that is felt in my house since having children is incredible. There are endless cuddles and kisses. Whenever I look at my boys I feel like my heart will burst with pride. I love watching them grow and learn new skills. The first time Little N ever said “luh you mummy” is etched in my memory forever.

What have you found hardest about motherhood?

The hardest thing about motherhood is developing all these new fears. I now worry about things that never crossed my mind before having children. What if someone snatches them? What if they run into the road? What if something happens to me – what will happen to them then? I guess these are our modern day “predators”.

How has your body changed?

Where do I begin?! I have a really big red c-section scar which I hated for a long time but now it is just a part of me. I’m a lot softer and squishier now, though that may be to do with my love of cake more than my children. The biggest change is the wrinkles – I had none before having children! I struggled with the changes for a long time but I am fine with it all now.

Do you wear make-up? If so, what does your routine look like?

Hell yes I wear makeup! I have always loved makeup, so I can’t imagine a time where I wouldn’t wear any. How much I wear depends on how much time I have or where we are going. Mascara and under-eye concealer is the minimum, but I often also wear foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and eyebrow powder.

What’s in your handbag? 

I use my baby changing bag as my handbag! It has my purse, keys, phone, nappies, wipes, spare pants and trousers for Little N, snacks, water, broken crackers, toy cars, tyre pump (for the pram) and a few lipsticks.

What is your relationship with housework?

I am a total clean freak and hate clutter however Ian is the opposite. With six people in our house cleaning is a thankless, never-ending task. These days I do what I need to do to get through the day. I became a stay-at-home mum so I could have time with my children, not so that I could spend the days cleaning.

How do you relax?

I actually had a bath last night for the first time in about a year! I took a book in with me AND a mug of hot chocolate. That is my ideal way to relax, but I don’t get the opportunity to do it very often. I generally don’t get any time to switch off. When the children are asleep I am busy cleaning.

What’s the best parenting advice you have ever been given?

When Little N was a few days old and the midwife was round she spotted a copy of that Contented Little Baby book (it had come free with a magazine). She told me to throw it away and to watch the baby, not the clock. I am so glad she told me to do that!

For any new mums out there, what would you like to tell them?

Feed your baby whenever and wherever they need it and as often as they need it. Hold your baby often. You can’t love your baby too much.

What makes you happy?

Sunshine, fresh air, good coffee, lovely people around me.

And finally, complete this sentence:

I am a great mum because….. I always put them first, they come before me, before everything.

Loved reading more about you- even though I know you already! You do not have wrinkles!! xx

You can find out more about Sian and her world over at her blog, Quite Frankly She Said.

 She is also on Twitter so go say hi!

I am not accepting any more submissions for this feature. xx

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