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Welcome to HappyDays! If you are new then take a look here. The idea of this linky is to inspire others to make the best out of every day, whether that be at home, out and about at the park or away on holiday. Jenna and I want everyone to see the happy in every day!

Today I am at Blog On Win and am SOOOOO excited to go. I haven’t been to any of the Blog On events before but hear they are brilliant so am really looking forward to it. If you are going then please come say hi!

So what have we been up to? 

What a fab week! The weather has been glorious hasn’t it? I got the washing in just now and the smell in the air is just so autumnal I love it!

The week started off with a trip to Legoland, such a great day out! If you haven’t been they I really recommend it and it wasn’t too busy so a good time of year to go. We continued the birthday celebrations on Sunday with a little tea party with family. Did you see the cake I made? I was so chuffed with it!

birthday girls

Wednesday was Little G’s actual birthday and we had a lovely morning together with Mr F being off work. She opened her presents and then spent the whole morning playing with them. We walked her to nursery after dropping LJ at my mum’s house. It was lovely being able to walk along hand in hand just the three of us as it used to be. A special day for our biggest girl.

Once she was safely at nursery we hopped on a train for an afternoon date in London. Honestly the most amazing time, I have written all about it if you fancy a look!

overlooking big ben

Thursday was a lovely day, Little G had her first ever ‘play-date’ (although I hate that phrase so if anyone has an alternative please let me know!). I went along too and had a good old chat with the mum while the girls played upstairs. They are so cute together, I am so happy she is making friends at school.

sitting in front of the church

Friday was all about LJ. I dropped Little G at school and met up with my friend. We made our way to town and had lunch with the ducks before going along to The Secret Garden. It is the most gorgeous setting for children, almost like going to someone’s home but it is the home of a child! Just fab! It was so nice being able to focus on the little ones while the biggies were at school. We are going to make it a regular thing and I am so pleased as I have struggled to organise anything in the small window up until now.

I hope you have had a good week too!
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  1. YOu sound like you have had a brilliant week! Happy birthday Little G! The cake is well impressive! Wish I could bake as well. I bet the time with your girls and just Little G alone was lovely 🙂 Hope you are having a fab day today and thanks for hosting xx

  2. What a lovely week you’ve had and glad that Little G had such a lovely birthday. I like the sound of the Secret Garden. We’ve been to Legoland this week too – it’s such a fun day out, isn’t it? Thank you for hosting #happydayslinky 🙂

  3. Sounds like a fab week. Love the girls outfits in the first picture! Legoland sounds fun, looking forward to having a day there at some point. #happydays

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  4. I’ve never been to Legoland, I’m sure our niece and nephew would absolutely love it. This weather has been just gorgeous, so glad you got to enjoy it. Off to read your post about London now, and remind myself not to take my home city for granted! X

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  5. Your Big Ben experience sounds amazing – I am truly, truly jealous. Although I’m not sure why because I’m petrified of heights! heh. 🙂


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