A Few Autumn Crafts Before School

Autumn makes me really happy, I think it is actually because, to me,  it signals the start of the countdown to Christmas. I love the nights drawing in, being cosy under blankets. I am also a huge fan of the colours and smells of autumn, seeing the leaves turning brown and the smell of bonfires in the air just fills me with a warm happy feeling.

We were sent a few autumnal crafts from Baker Ross and just seeing them made me smile, it really is the best time of year! They gave us some cute leaf foam stickers and some hedgehogs to decorate. Now, although I am a reception teacher I am not the most imaginative of people but thankfully Little G loves to craft and soon came up with ideas.

So first were the ceramic hedgehogs (there are 4 in a box but we just did one). We were also sent some paints which are specific porcelain ones so they were ideal to create a nice sheen on the hedgehogs.


She chose red for hers as she wanted to give it to her granny and she knew red is her favourite colour. The paints were great as they were not too runny and gave a vivid colour.

yellow and red hedgehog

It didn’t take long at all to dry and so she was soon able to pop in the little tea light we had found in Asda. Perfect for creating that effect without the flame!

porcelain hedgehog

So on to the leaf foam stickers! She asked me to draw a bare tree so that she could add in the leaves. She then began carefully sticking each one in place, specifically choosing the brown ones to be at the base of the tree. LJ also had a go, not so careful of course but she had fun anyway!

sticking down leaves

birdseye view of the tree

She finished off the picture when she got home from school, I really like it and it is going to take pride of place on my fridge!

Autumnal tree

What autumnal crafts have you been doing?

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