A Fun Summer Game #Giveaway

We love games, we are quite a competitive family! I say we, it is actually Mr F and his side of the family and Little G has definitely inherited that gene! I am not competitive at all, far too lazy haha!

We have been playing a great game with the girls this summer and LJ has even been caught by the bug!

Barbeque game

Barbecue Party is aimed at 4+ but with guidance both of mine have been able to play nicely together. They have played it every day for the past month or so, they find it hilarious!

barbeque game 1

The aim of the game is to be the first to collect 3 BBQ pieces – the race is on!

barbecue 3

Each player takes turns to turn over a card. If there is notthe specified piece on the barbecue then they must use the tongs to place it on the grill. Play continues with the next player turning over a card. Should their item be on the barbecue already they are allowed to take it off using the tongs and place it on their card!

bbq 4

The bit my girls enjoyed the most was the fact that the barbecue is sensitive, the slightest nudge and it flings all of the food and the grill high into the air!! Whoever set it off must place the food back and wait until their next go to collect another piece.

bbq 5

Such a simple concept but so much fun and great for strengthening those little fingers. As a teacher I used to have my kids using tongs to pick up small toys- all with the aim of improving their handwriting! Big thumbs up from me!

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The game is available from Drumond Park for £19.99 but the great news is I have one to give away! All you have to do is complete the Gleam widget to be in with a chance! Good luck!

Barbecue Party

Giveaways listed on Loquax and ThePrizefinder 

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  1. I used to love playing pick-up-sticks — grab a stick from the pile without moving any of the others. Simple but fun.

  2. What was your favourite game as a child? . . . . . l used to like playing marbles – gosh that ages me doesn’t it?

  3. It was a long time ago,in the days before tablets,laptops even no mobile phones !,so,back in the stone age it was games like hide and seek,which I loved,we had so much more freedom,we would go out to play only returning for meals.God I feel so old now !!

  4. I have always enjoyed Monopoly, I had Monopoly Junior as a child and since have bought many varieties of the game.

  5. I used to like ‘Frustration’ when I was little also ‘Hungry, hungry hippos’ when I was really small.

  6. My favourite game was snakes and ladders and I still enjoy it as, being a game of chance, all the family can play together.

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