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My weekly list #15

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I love writing a weekly list, it helps me to focus on the things I have achieved when otherwise I may feel as though I have done nothing!

my weekly list

Real life

  • I
  • Have
  • Worked
  • All
  • Week

I honestly cannot think of a single thing I have done this week besides work and come home and collapse on the sofa!

Real life weekly goal: Stay indoors like a hermit! Haha!!

Blog and social media:

Ok so due to the fact I have worked all week I have not been able to put as much effort into my blog. Anyone who works full time and runs a blog has my total respect! I am exhausted!!

Blog weekly goal: Get back into a normal blog routine and focus on FB specifically.

Hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. Dude, how on earth do you do it??? I struggle to blog more than a few times a week and I blog pretty much full time. Honestly, you are doing amazingly and I hang my head in shame! Hear’s to being a hermit…but not at BML obvs 😉 see you in a couple of days! xx
    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    1. Post

      Lol you don’t need to hang your head you are way above me in the blog world hun! I have crashed and burned, desperado need a hol! x

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