The Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

This post is specifically for WordPress users I’m afraid but maybe after reading this you may consider switching over from Blogger as quite honestly there is no comparison. I started off with a Blogger blog exactly a year ago and after 4 months I made the move to WordPress, best decision I ever made!

The best plugins for your wordpress blog

Plugins are like added extras that you can add to your blog to enhance the site or help you behind the scenes. I have so many plugins installed, each and every one making my blog life easier or my readers’ experience better!

Before I list all of the best plugins for your WordPress blog, I want to stress that you should always check that plugins are compatible with your own blog theme. I have downloaded plugins which have gone on to ‘break’ my site. A plugin will always tell you whether it has been tested on your theme. If it hasn’t, it is then up to you to look at reviews or number of downloads and decide whether to go ahead with the install.


I have 24 plugins installed but have chosen 10 that you most definitely should have for your blog.

1. AKISMET This is a must-have plugin as it stops all of the spammy comments coming though. As your blog grows, so will the spam so it is such a useful tool to have.

NOTE: Please can I stress how important it is to delete your spam regularly. I have been shocked to find that bloggers leave it and thenย wonder why their site is running slow!ย 

2. WP SECURITY You can customise this as much as you like to make your blog safe and secure. Word of warning, if you are going to change your login url then look at this tutorial first.

3. COMMENT LUV I struggle to comment on so many blogs and it does put me off returning again. Comment luv makes writing lovely comments easy and it also means if you want to return the love you can easily click through to their latest post!

4. DUPLICATE POST Do you run a weekly feature or take part in linkys week after week? This plugin adds in a button which means you can copy a post to write a new one- duplicating all the badge codes or content that you don’t want to have to re-write again and again.


5. EVERGREEN POST TWEETER This is a great way of recycling old content. I get quite a few comments on old posts this way so it is really nice to know your older posts won’t be forgotten forever.

6. IMAGE WIDGET I do not want to have to faff about with Photobucket to get an image url so this plugin creates a widget which enables you to choose images from your media gallery to go in your sidebar.

7. ULTIMATE NOFOLLOW I have recently amended my post about follow and nofollow links to reflect the update so do check that out. In a nutshell you need to make sure you change any links to nofollow if they are linking to a website for which you have done a review. This plugin makes it nice and simple!

8. EDITORIAL CALENDAR This is my absolute favourite plugin, it helps me to organise my posts and plan ahead. I currently have posts in drafts up to July and it helps me plan my time, making my blogging more efficient.

9. YOAST SEO This helps you to ensure your posts are optimised which helps you rise in Google rankings. Obviously this isn’t important to everyone but if you want to help those stats then this one is definitely for you.

10. WP MISSED SCHEDULE Now this isn’t for everyone but it is my lifesaver! For some reason I am unable to schedule posts without it- they just give me a big fail warning! Never been able to work out why but this plugin allows me to schedule ahead without having to think about it again.

Hopefully there will be at least one new one in there for you. The editorial calendar is worth its weight in gold and is actually the reason I switched over to WordPress all those months ago. When I was on Blogger I would have a list of drafts but had no way of organising them, now I know exactly which ones I need to write and when they are going to go live, so helpful!

Are there any plugins you love?



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Katy is a wife, mum of three and professional blogger. Her blog, What Katy Said, aims to inspire other mums to get organised and make the best out of every day.


    1. I use shareaholic too, you need to go into settings (monetization and another one I forget which) and move the slider down to zero for each one. That will get rid of the ads xxx.

    2. Just en-route to self-hosted now and can;t find Evergreen or Duplicate Post on the list of Plug ins – are they not available any more or is there some trick of the trade to finding them?

  1. Interesting about the missed schedule. Mine have started doing that – but only the ones scheduled for just after midnight (ie Silent Sunday). I have to manually go in and change. Never happened before so something weird’s happened recently. Might look this one up.

    You might want to check what you’ve written about commentluv though. It’s not a commenting system. It’s just the additional bit that adds the choice/1 post. People say it’s commenting system, but it’s an addition to what you have. Also, the recommendation is to have nofollow in your comments (most do this automatically), so while you’ve got the potential for others to click easily into a post of yours, you don’t get the backlink benefit (unless someone’s set it up to be dofollow – which is silly given you’d be giving all spam follow links too.

    1. Weird your midnight ones do that. Also that is interesting about Comment Luv as my commenting does look different with it installed. Either way it is fab haha! Thanks for the heads up on nofollow for comments too, will change it xx

    2. The reason your scheduled posts are failing is probably due to the way WordPress handles scheduled jobs (Cron Jobs). They’re designed to be set off by an external event such as someone visiting your site. If you have a post scheduled for midnight and no one visits your site at that time then the event won’t be triggered and your post won’t be published. WP Missed Schedule effectively acts as a ghost visitor and triggers missed events.

      1. That’s the thing Vickie, I thought it was that but even when I asked someone to go visit the site (I always schedule for 7am) it still wasn’t there. Whatever is wrong with my site is fixed by this so I don’t even think about it now. xxx

        1. I have the same problem and eventually tracked it down to my site being hosted on a particular tricksy Unix server but like you I use the plugin so I don’t even worry about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is another post I am going to have to save. I am currently moving over to wordpress although still figuring things out so this is going to be very helpful. โ˜บ

  3. Great list Katy! I use most of these and can really recommend Akismet and WP Security.

    I can never get Evergreen to work properly for me so I’ve given up on having my old posts tweeted.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I am a new blogger and I have just down loaded 3 plugins from your list: Comment Luv which I have always thought was really great on other ppl’s blogs, WP security (I am ashamed to say that I had never done this before) and Revive Old Post (apparently Evergreen post Tweeter hasn’t been updated in 7 months). A really useful blog post – probably the most useful so far for me in your blog series. Thanks!

    1. Oh that is a shame about Evergreen, that is the problem when you find one you love. Although I can vouch that it still works fine so if you don’t get on with revive then give it a shot xx

  5. Good list; I’m pleased to learn about the post duplicator and missed schedule plugins; I definitely need them. Good point about checking compatibility; I also check when it has been last updated. Thanks for another helpful post. I’m pinning this to my blogging tools board; hope you don’t mind. #aNoviceMumTwitterFeed

  6. Can I ask a novice question? I’ve got a premium WordPress account and this doesn’t seem to give me options for plug-ins. I don’t think I’ve enough tech knowledge to go completely self hosted. Am I already protected with some of these features? I’m particularly concerned about the no-follow links as I’ve started to do some product reviews. Sorry if basic, don’t teach this stuff at med school …… yet!

    1. Hi Juliet! Not a novice question at all, even the most advanced bloggers don’t know much about techie stuff! You should be able to have plugins as you are a .com rather than a so I am not sure why you can’t add them. Do you not have ‘Plugins’ down the left hand side of your dashboard? If you have a premium wordpress my understanding is that you are protected but I am not 100% on that. If you are doing product reviews you should definitely be doing them as no follow xx

  7. Hi Katy! Thank-you so much for this post I have downloaded a few of these plugins now and love them! ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you use a plugin for your popular post image that you have in your side bar? the one that flicks through multiple images? If so what is it? I would love that on my site too! Thanks again! Alisha xx

  8. This post is brilliant, thank you for sharing your favourite plugins with up. I recently switched to WordPress & love the plugins! I have some of the ones you’ve mentioned, but have to admit to not even knowing others existed! I’ll definitely be looking into each of them to see if they will be beneficial to my blog – I know the editorial calendar will be a God send! Xx

    Tania |

  9. Do you know if these plug in s apply to a self hosted wordpress account? I’m just about to move from Blog Engine which is very different indeed, but currently full of issues I’m struggling to overcome.

  10. Wordfence has been a lifesaver for me – as many have tried hacking my website! Also, All In One SEO has been great, and has a built in No Follow Link ap that you just tick a box to make links no follow.

  11. Oh, and SumoMe for collecting email subscribers. Your Comment Luv doesn’t seem to work for me, though. As it’s not showing my most recent post on my website…? I would really love to pickle your brains some time about other plug-ins ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  12. Hi Katy yet another super duper post. I have Askimet and Yoast but I don’t know how to delete spam?? Also really stupid but I don’t know how to add sub headings h2 etc. It always comes up on my SEO but I’m lost – help please? Will send cupcakes ????????. Sammie xx

  13. Hi Katy, this post just popped up in my Twitter (shows that tweeting old posts really works, so I’ll get that plugin!) I’ve just moved from Blogger to WordPress and will look at all these recommendations – thank you for writing this post. Jess xx

  14. Hi. Thanks for this post (just saw it on Twitter). Can I ask, what is probably a stupid question, why go self hosted compared to say buying a premium theme on WordPress? I’m new to blogging and didn’t want to spend lots of money till I knew I liked it, which I do!! But don’t really understand the next step! Sorry!!!

    1. Hiya! A premium theme on WordPress will mean your site is still owned by them and if you should want to make any money you won’t be able to. It also means you can’t customise as much and it is really expensive. Self hosting costs me 2.99 a month with TSOhost and it isn’t any more hassle than not being self hosted but just means I can do what I please. Hope that helps x

  15. Im just learning about plug ins after going self hosted about a week ago. I find that i dont really ubderstand at all how they work like the seo one completely baffles me. Ive gone with a free theme for now and im working hard to try and get the site looking good. Id love your imput if you have time to pop over.

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