Which is Better? WordPress or Blogger?

I must just start by saying there are other blog platforms out there (I am hearing good things about squarespace) but for the most part, WordPress and Blogger are the two big players in the blogging game.

wordpress or bloggerI have been blogging for just under a year now, starting off with a Blogger blog in May 2014 and making the leap to WordPress by the August of the same year. I have experienced both and for me personally, WordPress is the superior choice. It is easy to use and offers a world of possiblilties to the user- not to mention the pretty themes you can buy!

For anyone thinking about starting a blog, or for anyone thinking about making the switch, I thought I would list the pro’s and con’s for each platform.


You must be self hosted to have your own url and this costs.

Can be daunting at first

You own your content (Brands really love this!)

Thousands of plugins

Endless possibilities for your own layout and design

Performing backups and warding off hackers is your responsibilty

At risk of ‘down time’ if host servers go down


You can have your own url with no extra costs

Easy to use

Google owns your content* (and can shut you down at any point)

Limited widgets

Limited options for design unless you pay someone

Very secure- you have the power of Google behind you

No ‘down time’. ever.

*When I say they own your content, what I mean is if they decide they do not like your content then they can delete it. You are a part of their brand and if they feel you don’t adhere to their policies they can shut you down. However, unless you are posting really controversial stuff bordering on illegal then you are probably safe!

The bottom line

Blogger is reliable and easy to use, you can have your own url at no extra cost which is great. It comes at a cost though, your site and content belongs to Google, they are free to distribute it as they please and if they should decide to shut you down (I have seen this happen) then that is their prerogative. Here is another article linking to terms and conditions around using Blogger if you want to see the more detailed points.

Of course there are plenty of people who use Blogger with no issue at all but if you want to be in full control, make your site look and work the way you want then WordPress is for you. You do need to find a hosting company but your content will be your own. The possibilities are endless!

When I first moved from Blogger to WordPress I couldn’t navigate my way around, it didn’t feel user friendly at all. However, I am now 7 months in and I love it and would recommend WordPress to anyone!

Are you thinking of making the switch?


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  1. I’ve used both and I agree WordPress is so much better. The downtime and hacking can be worrying and making sure it’s backed up etc but the flexibility and add on abc design possibilities are fantastic. Also just the simple thing that you own your content too.

    1. I have had half a day downtime in the 7 months I’ve been self hosted and it was rubbish but the pro’s outweigh the con’s for me! x

  2. I currently use both my posts are sent from blogger to wordpress. My biggest issue with blogger is photos I have more than once deleted photos from post because I just cant seem to figure out if I uploaded it of google pulled it. I am now having to go back over older posts and add in photos if I can find or delete. Where does wordpress store photos?

  3. Useful post, Katy. I transferred from blogger to WordPress a couple of years ago. I find WP more accessible, easier to use, and looks more professional too. It helps that there are so many themes to choose from. My blog is on WordPress.com (I’m not self-hosted) and I have my own url (which I paid a small fee for) so folk don’t have to take the self-hosted plunge if they’re not ready xxx

  4. I switched when I went to a .com and at first it seemed really hard to find my way around wordpress and make my design how I wanted it but now I wouldn’t go back!

  5. Thanks Katy for another informative post. I’m managed self hosted, another wordpress hosting option. It is like self hosted but the hosting company does a little bit more for you, I believe. I’m also recently set up a free wordpress blog and I’m planning to buy my domain so that the .wordpress.com bit stops being included in my URL. It’s obviously more limited than self hosting but you can still do a lot with it. I’m planning to experiment with blogger soon too.

    There are quite a few blogging platforms out there but I’m biased towards wordpress which is all I’ve experienced.


  6. I’ve used blogger for years but have started ri use WordPress for work. I find the images quite annoying as they stretch out in the post. Have reset the pixels and size several ttimes. Think a WordPress tutorial may be in order!

    1. Ooh! Have you tried picmonkey for sizing your pics? If you use that to resize to 600 then it should work better. If your pixels are less than 600 then they would be stretched to get to that bigger size (if that makes sense) x

  7. Great comparisons of the two there. I wasn’t aware Google owned my content on Blogger. Must read those t&c’s. Does that mean Blog Name and Content lost if switching to WordPress?

    1. No no, I think it just means they can remove content they feel is unsuitable so if you were being libelous or something. Also means if they wanted to shut down blogger altogether they could and everything would be lost. That is why backups are so important! x

  8. I have to agree that for the hobby blogger it is much easier to use blogger.com.

    If you are selling a product or trying to monetize your blog, then wordpress is for you.

    This doesn’t mean you can’t earn a profit from blogger, but it’s probably the safer bet with wordpress. Excellent post, it was very easy to see the pros and cons the way you set it up. Thanks for the good read!

  9. I use WordPress.com, I have my own URL but I am tempted to move to wordpress.org and go self hosted, but it sounds really scary, and I’m not sure what the cost will be, I think I need more confidence in my blog first. x

    1. I got my self hosted package in a sale so was £12 for the year. It wasn’t at all scary, just a click of a button and whoosh, all the posts were there x

  10. I am switching this week and I’m terrified. I don’t know how to use WordPress and I don’t want to lose any of my blogger posts or comments. We’re do! Any advice is more than welcome xx

    1. I am with godaddy managed hosting and it was a simple click for me. I did have a few issues with moving my comment luv comments over but if you search Zoe Corkhill on Twitter she sorted me out (only if that happens to you- may have just been me). She is fab though and just asks for a small donation for her time rather than some who charge a fortune. Hopefully you wont need any help though- good luck! x

      1. You must be so great at tech haha.
        I bought godaddy hosting this morning & I still have no idea how to transfer over from blogger after hours of searching google for help. So confused! My domain is with 123-reg & there seems to be nowhere on godaddy that explains how you transfer all of this from blogger to wordpress.
        This is more stressful than actually moving house haha. x

        1. Oh no!! If you log into the wordpress account they have given you, you need to go to plugins and search for ‘blogger importer’ and that should give you all the options you need to bring it over. Jenna over at Tiny Footsteps has literally just done it so I am sure she won’t mind giving you a few tips. x

  11. Great post. I’m pretty tech savvy but far too scared to switch. I like the security blanket feel of Blogger – do they really own your content though? Surely not?

    1. They don’t own it as such but if you wrote something they disagreed with they are within their right to take it down. It is their platform so they can do whatever they like. With self hosted you are in total control. x

  12. Hi Katy,

    I am purchasing my hosting from go daddy this week hopefully, eek! One question….were you able to sort out your wordpress theme/design etc. before moving everything across? I have a domain on my blogger account that I would need to switch over, but want to do that last so I’m not out of action for long…ahhhh it is so confusing but I know it will be worth it! x

    1. Yes you can, when you first get allocated a wordpress account they give you a temporary url so you can fiddle about as much as you like 🙂 Good luck!! xx

  13. I have just been contemplating this… I am with blogger atm and am slowly falling out of love with it. My daughter uses wordpress and i am very impressed. However I am technologically challenged and I have no idea how to transfer all my work!!

  14. I’ve very recently started blogging, just last month. I’m using WordPress. Really hoping I’ve made the right choice as I know moving over can be a mission!

  15. Thanks for this; it’s just confirmed to me that I’ve made the right choice. ‘Google owns your content* (and can shut you down at any point)’ — Well, that says it all, doesn’t it? I’m also unimpressed with blogger’s comments, as I find it often won’t let me post using my WordPress OpenID, which is a pain in the backside. I can usually post using Googlemail, but it’s very unimpressive, and from what I can see googling it’s a problem that’s been around for years.

    Much prefer WordPress, and when I’ve been blogging a few more months, I’m going to reward myself by moving across to self-hosting. Very excited.

    1. Yeh they have it in their t&c’s that you own your own content but then the very next bullet point says that they have the right to do what they like with it. So basically you have no control- that is not something I would be happy with. I have known a couple bloggers have everything deleted because Google didn’t like something they wrote. They fought and got it back but who wants that hassle? You know where you are with WP 🙂

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