HappyDays Linky #09

Welcome to HappyDays! I co-host this inspiring linky with Jenna (Tiny Footsteps) so please do remember to go over to her post and say hi!

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week, I never imagined so many people would get on board with this idea! xx

I loved Louise’s post last week- how cute did her girls look for the Christmas card?? I am not organised enough to make my own cards but if I was I would so be stealing that idea!!

It seems I am not the only one inspired by Vickie’s photography! I loved Jess’ photos of Rosalie this week, just beautiful. I like the idea of coloured rice too, need to try that!

I hope you have all had a good week this week- if you have been feeling a bit ho hum have a read of yesterday’s post, just a reminder that you are amazing.

Ok on to my week…

Out & About

The absolute highlight of the week was going to meet the characters of Frozen. I am not sure who was more excited out of the two of us! I turned into a bit of a crazy lady and dragged the girls out of the house, in the pouring rain, an hour before the characters were due to arrive.

I imagined we would arrive to crowds of people but in fact we were the first there! I started to panic with 10 minutes to go as we were still the only ones there. Were we in the right place????

With 5 minutes to go I kid you not, over 100 people suddenly arrived! They had all been queuing at the wrong place (mwooo haha!!) so I was pretty pleased with myself!

Suddenly there she was…


My crazy time keeping was all worth while!

Fun at Home

I don’t feel like I have been at home much this week! I did 2 days at work this week and the other few days we have been chilling on the sofa watching Disney movies as both girls have been a little poorly.

Baby L has not been sleeping AT ALL, I think it is teething as her nappies are gross! I wrote this post about signs of teething as it always seems to sneak up on me!!!

Other than that we have been enjoying playing with some of the things I bought at the NCT sale last week (I accidentally went back the next day and bought more…..)


Baby L enjoying her new rocking horse- £6 what a bargain!

Time for Me

I have been doing quite well actually, not in the sense of doing anything on my own as such but I have been trying to take care of myself a bit more. My ‘8 ways to look and feel great this winter‘ post spurred me on to take more time to look after myself. Despite a massive boo boo on the coconut oil (more to come at a later date) I am really enjoying feeling better!

My Happiest Moment

After two pretty tough days at work (horrendous class!!) I came home to big smiles from both my girls. Little G isn’t one for lovey dovey stuff but she came over and sat on my lap and told me she loved me. Simple things like that make my day.

Next week I would like to…

Oh my days, I am really beginning to panic about Christmas now! I was so organised last year and I have barely done a thing this year! Plus I have the added stress of Baby L turning one on the 15th!!! Argh!! So, I really need to start making lists and wrapping some presents or something… anything to put me back on track!!

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  1. I love that you were the first in the que, I do love it when stuff like that happens! Im also secretly jealous you met the frozen characters! Loved your winter must have post, Im off to next today to hunt down that hat and scarf! Thanks for hosting #HappyDaysLinky

    1. Post

      Hope you managed to find a scarf set- probably all in the sales this weekend! I was very excited meeting Elsa- it was like being at Disneyland in Stevenage! 🙂

  2. Ah how lovely to have been first in the queue and to meet the Frozen characters – your girls looked like they loved it. Sorry to hear your girls have been a little poorly and hope they are better soon – how lovely to have Little G climbing in your lap and telling you she loves you – precious moments. Thank you so much for the mention – glad you liked my Christmas card photo, was pleased with how it came out. Thank you so much for hosting the #HappyDaysLinky each week – I love linking up to it. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

    1. Post

      I am so glad you love it, we never imagined people would warm to it so much!
      They are both on the mend today thank goodness although now Mr F and I are feeling under the weather! x

  3. It looks like your girls were in their element meeting Elsa and Anna! I daren’t take Bubs along to anything like that for fear she’ll freak out.

    Well done on having some me time this week. It’s so easy to forget that we need to look after ourselves so we can be healthy enough to look after out little ones. It’s something that I am not very good at remembering myself.

    1. Post

      Yes there is a tricky age for some children- I remember last Christmas G totally freaked out seeing Father Christmas but this year she was fine! Although Anna and Elsa don’t have beards so that is a plus! 🙂

  4. Aww, your girls look so cute in the photos with Elsa and Anna, well done mummy for being the only person to queue in the right place to meet them! 😉
    Sorry to hear that Baby L hasn’t been sleeping, I’m glad you’re getting some time to take proper care of yourself so you hopefully won’t get too run down with the rough nights.
    I love your happiest moment, how special to have Little G tell you that she loves you!!
    I hope you have a great week xxx

    1. Post

      I wanted to get in the photo with them- probably would have got some odd looks haha!! PLenty of calpol and Nurofen is getting us through the nights 🙂 xx

  5. Sorry for adding my link then doing a runner on Saturday, it was a mad weekend. Thanks for mentioning me – Vickie’s photo tips have really got me fired up!

    Brilliant pic of Baby L on the rocker! R loves the rockers at soft play, and for £6 I would have bought one too!

    Good luck with organising Baby L’s party, I’m in party planning mode too, for the 21st. I didn’t realise L & R were quite so close in age. Jess xx

    1. Post

      Lol no worries, we all have busy lives so I often do the same! Oh wow you were cutting it fine for the 21st! I was 8 days late with the 15th and that was stressful enough lol! I barely remember last Christmas as I was like a zombie and I am betting you were the same 4 days into motherhood! x

  6. I must, must, MUST go to the next NCT that’s near me. You’ve got me totally convinced!

    The girls faces meeting the Frozen characters are priceless and well done for getting there first. Must admit, I’d start to panic that I was in the wrong place too if nobody else seemed to be turning up. Haha!!

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

    1. Post

      I was getting a bit anxious- although that could have also been the excitement of seeing them!!
      I am going to keep badgering you until you get to a sale!!! March should be the next one! x

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