Any man can be a father..

… it takes someone special to be a dad.

I am so lucky that Mr F is a loving dad. From the moment he became a father his girls became his whole world. His face lights up when he sees them and they have him well and truly wrapped around their little fingers- but he loves it.

There are some fathers out there who do not appreciate their children as they should. Their faces do not light up when they see them. My dad is one of those dads.

I am glad my girls will never have to feel the way I feel. Their daddy loves them more than anything in the world.




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  1. This is really lovely and something that really resonated with me. My Dad is amazing but my husband’s Dad was basically a complete idiot and walked out on them when my husband was four- he hasn’t seen him since. Some men (and women) don’t deserve to have children. But the way my husband has been treated means that he is the most AMAZING Dad to my girls- it makes me so proud. x

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      It is lovely to see isn’t it? I love how much he loves them. My dad has just walked out on me and my sister, at 30 I am not entirely sure how to feel but he has cut all ties. I just figure it is his loss. x

  2. So good that you have such a good father and role model for your children. I am the same. My Hubby is brilliant with our twins, and it’s not easy at times. He’s so chilled and good with them…it’s actually me who is more hot-headed! Lovely post x x

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  3. Oh my, my dad is one that’s not around and so is my sons dad but reading this reminds me I need to get out there and find my son a wonderful step dad 🙂

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