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When I first started this blog it was with the intention to help people. I have been going a few months now and after my initial posts on becoming a mum I haven’t really written anything that is ‘helpful’ as such.

I had an idea the other day – have a ‘reader question’ every day! I have thrown the idea out to my Facebook page and Twitter and have already had a few mums message me with questions!

The idea will be that other mums will be able to offer support and if I am able to help I will do so. If it is a big enough subject I will also be able to write a full post giving tips and ideas to help.

Sharing our experiences is so important as when you are a first time mum everything is so daunting!

So come on ladies (and gents of course!) let’s help each other out!

If you have any parenting questions you would like to askĀ then contact me via emailĀ or message me on my Facebook account.

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