Messy Play Ideas #03- Bubble blowing

Does your child love to blow bubbles in their drinks? Yes? Then this bubble blowing activity is most definitely for you!!

bubble blowing


Being a teacher I always keep an eye out for fun, crafty activities and I love to see my children learning. I am also a great believer in learning through play. This activity started off as one idea and through Little G being free to explore it became another.

What you need:

Washing up liquid

Squirt roughly 50:50 washing up liquid to paint into the pots and give them a little mix. I definitely recommend modelling this before letting the children have a go- I cannot tell you the number of children I have had suck instead of blow!!!

Once you are happy that they are going to blow through the straw then let them get on with it! Once a good bubble mountain has been formed place a piece of paper over the top of the bubbles and you will see the pattern on the paper- and that is it!

bubble 2

Little G had so much fun blowing the bubbles that she wasn’t at all interested in putting the bubbles onto paper. Instead she enjoyed creating massive bubble volcanoes and watching them splurge into each other. This is where the extra learning began- she noticed that when the colours mixed then new colours were made. We have looked at colour mixing before but she was so excited that the bubbles themselves were changing colour!

bubble 3

This was a very messy activity but so much fun and lasted for as long as there was paint in our paint bottles (we now need another trip to Wilkos to get some more!)

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  1. Oh I love this crafty, messy play. It might sound silly but my 3 year old has just started swimming lessons and we are getting him to practise blowing bubbles instead of swallowing half the pool! We do it in the bath but this could be another activity we could try. He would love it! Thanks for sharing #letkidsbekids xx

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      My daughter is terrible for swallowing pool water! Never thought of reminding her to blow like a straw! Good plan!

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  2. Messy Play – can’t live with it, can’t live without it. Bubble play looks like a good idea – my daughter loves bubbles so may give this a try.

    If you can get to the science museum they have a great show on bubbles that your kids may like!!

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      Oh really? I took G last year and she loved it. If there are bubbles she would definitely love a return visit x

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