Tuff Spot Ideas #01- Mooncloud

We love messy play in our house! A few months back I bought the best thing from Ebay UK- a Tuff Spot. I had a few of them in my classroom and they were great for so many activities. I didn’t think you could get them outside of school based catalogues but I happened upon one and jumped at the chance to buy it! I also treated myself to ‘The Little Book of Tuff Spot Activities’- not sure why as I have a whole hard-drive full of planning but I am a sucker for those little books.

Tuff spot ideas. Have you tried making mooncloud-

So what is a Tuff Spot you may ask?
It is basically a builder’s mixing tray turned messy play container. I know you can do messy play in smaller containers but I like children to be able to get inside and have room to get fully involved in the activity. They come in a variety of colours, I chose yellow as it is Little G’s favourite colour.
I thought I would start a series of messy play posts, this being the first, to share different activities that we do together.
So what did we do today? One of Little G’s favourite things to make is ‘Mooncloud’- she likes the smell!
It is really simple to make, it is just 8 cups of flour to 1 cup of baby oil. I have an abundance of baby oil- I bought loads when Little G was born as ‘that’s what you need for a baby’ right? Wrong! Baby oil makes them so slippery you almost drop them! No thank you!
Mix the two ingredients together and Bob’s your uncle! It works in a similar way to wet sand but is silky to the touch and smells like a newborn baby.

Little G spent about 4 hours in the Tuff Spot today, rolling and scooping, cutting and moulding. She asked if she could ‘make cakes’ so I fetched some silicone cake moulds for her to use. She ended up using them to make mini sandcastles. After she had made a few of these mini castles she told me they were ‘magnificent’. I don’t think I have ever used that word in front of her so she has picked it up from somewhere else. I was very impressed with her for using it correctly! Her vocabulary does astound me sometimes it really does (read about how I talk to my toddler here).

What messy play activities do you enjoy?

Take a look at the other posts in the ‘Tuff Spot Ideas‘ series to see what else we have done with it. 

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  1. That looks great fun! I’ve never tried making it before, I bet my daughter would love it 🙂

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