Reflux and Silent Reflux- My experience

I have experienced both silent reflux and reflux and neither are pleasant! Your poor little baby cries in pain and you have no idea why. People tell you it is Colic (which, in my opinion is just a way of saying “I don’t know what is wrong with your baby”) and you believe them! Then weeks later you are pulling your hair out and finally realise that there is something more serious wrong.

reflux and silent reflux

Doctors are reluctant to diagnose it and you may well end up with a battle on your hands. Here is my experience with it. Hopefully you can find a correlation to your baby’s behaviour.

Silent reflux– Little G had silent reflux.

Symptoms are:
– sneezing
– a choking/ gasping type sound- best way to describe it is fighting for breath
– not wanting to be on their back
– not napping well.

Silent reflux is so called as they don’t actually bring up any sick but it comes as far up as their throat and then they swallow it back down. Remember heartburn from pregnancy? Yep, same feeling for them.

There are two ways of helping your baby. We managed Little G’s reflux by buying wedges for the mattress and sleeping her on her side. Friends I know have been given Ranitidine which has helped a lot and their babies have been much happier.

Reflux– LJ has reflux

Lord alive have you ever seen so much sick?! A little sick is normal but a huge amount is an indication they have reflux- along with the same symptoms as silent reflux.

Baby L has been on baby Gaviscon since 5 weeks old as she just cannot keep her milk down without it. My doctor said she has such a severe case she may never grow out of it which is just delightful! Not! But most children should develop good enough muscles in their stomach to grown out of it by 3 or 4 months old.

Update! It turns out both of mine have tongue tie and lip tie! I have no information on this at the moment but what I do know is it goes hand in hand with reflux and silent reflux. I am going to go to the doctors about Baby L and hopefully she may get it snipped. I am not going to do anything about Little G as her speech is perfect and her teeth have come through fine. I will add to this once I know more.

Update 2: LJ did in fact grow out of it by 12 months old so there is light at the end of the tunnel for even severe cases.

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  5. My eldest had silent reflux. My instinct said there was something wrong, but the doctors really made me doubt myself. I should have trusted my instinct. It turned out she had a milk protein allergy. When I had my second, I realised how bad my first had been and kicked myself for not being pushy enough. Thanks for sharing this. The more awareness the better.

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      I am so so sorry the doctors made you feel that way. They seem to think first time mothers are all neurotic and ignore us! Mum always knows best. xx

  6. I could not hate reflux and other esophageal disorders more. The difference in my daughter’s life between being on an antacid (like zantac) and being on a proton pump inhibitor (like Prevacid) was really remarkable. She had silent reflux and then was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. If your baby really does go on for years with a diagnosis of reflux, it is worth checking to see if they may suspect eosinophilic esophagitis. In either case, I sympathize with your struggle and your babies’ struggles! Hang in there!

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      It is rubbish isn’t it? She is past it now at 22 months but those early months and relaly the first 12 months I suppose were just horrendous!! x

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