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10 Helpful tips to help you declutter your home right now

Inside: helpful tips to help you declutter your home today

Decluttering your home can feel like an enormous task and one that many people will put off again and again. The thing is though, the more you put it off, the worse it gets.

Mess is a bit like a magnet, it draws more mess towards it until one day you look around and realise you are living in a home from hoarders from hell! And it is hell because it drains your energy and makes you feel completely overwhelmed.

It has been proven that clutter is bad for your mental health and I can vouch for that myself. I have been there and know the effect that cluttered drawers and cupboards (and the overspill) can have on you.

Time to make changes

Two years ago I decided enough was enough. I set myself the challenge of decluttering our entire home and I did it! It wasn’t easy, but it was so worth it!

You can watch my entire process over on my YouTube channel if you’d like some inspiration.

10 tips to help you declutter your home

There is a lot of information out there but I wanted to share 10 tips that helped me or that would have helped me if someone had told me! So hopefully they will help you.

1. Have a goal. It is no good saying you are going to ‘declutter the house’ as that has no time limit and could take you forever. You need to set yourself a time-specific goal.

Do you want to have the whole house done by Easter? Do you want to do a room a month? I can’t decide the specifics for you as it all depends on the size of the job, the size of your house and the time you can dedicate to it.

Make a plan, set a goal and get started.

2. Start small. I mean it, don’t get ahead of yourself and dive into the big jobs otherwise before you know it you’ll get overwhelmed and wish you’d never started. Start small, with a kitchen drawer or DVD collection.

Once you’ve had a small success you will get a taste for it and get the bug for more. That is when you can move on to the bigger jobs like the big junk drawer or your wardrobe!

3. Set a timer. It seems so simple, too simple perhaps, but it is so effective. You may not realise it, but you are super competitive. Don’t believe me? Set yourself a timer and watch how quickly you race around to get a load done.

See? I like to work in 15-minute bursts for the most part, but if I think I might get stuck into a job I will work at 30-minute intervals. No more than 30 though and make sure to take 5 minutes break between each burst.

4. Start with the areas you can SEE. Think about it. Do you want to be adding piles of junk from behind the scenes onto junk that is already on show? I can’t think of anything worse!

Start with the clutter you can see, that way not only do you feel an immediate visual success but you make room for when you do decide to delve beneath the surface.

5. Know your why. Bear with me, this is important. Why is it that you want to declutter? Because if you don’t know why you are doing it then you won’t keep it up for long.

Are you doing it because you think you should have a tidy home?

Are you doing it because you can’t bear living in it for another second?

Your why is important and it will be the thing that keeps you going.

6. Make lists. I love a good list, don’t you? Any excuse to make one is a happy day for me. Make a list of the rooms you want to tackle, the areas within those rooms that make you shudder, the issues that arise over and over again.

I’ve made you a handy list with the rooms and the different areas broken down for you, with tick boxes to help you to feel accomplished as you go along.

Download my room-by-room decluttering checklist

7. Make a home for everything. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the years is to create a home for things. This resulted in more and more storage being brought into the home.

But, I learned that making a home for everything doesn’t mean creating space, but rather fitting items into space you already have. And if it really doesn’t fit, then it has to go.

Now obviously I don’t mean you can’t ever buy storage but you want to make sure that the storage is organising the things you love, rather than housing things that don’t really belong.

8. Organise as you go. Now, this is where you can go crazy with the storage solutions. Once you’ve sorted out what you are going to keep you’ll need to make sure it is

9. Get rid of the ‘stuff’ immediately. Trust me, putting the donate boxes into storage will result in two things.. getting stuff back out of the boxes when you panic you’ve made a mistake and creating more mess in another area of the room.

Once you have finished an area of the house take the unwanted items to their new homes, whether that be the dump or to a charity shop. No regrets, no going back.

10. Get outside motivation. You will lose motivation once you’re in the midst of the mess. It will feel like it will never ever end and you will wish you’d never started. That’s normal, believe me.

The thing that helped me was sharing my journey with others. On the days I felt like I was going to give up, I’d reach out and get support and encouragement to carry on again.

You are more than welcome in my Facebook Group Decluttering Motherhood, a place to encourage you in all areas of your life.

I hope these tips help you to get started and get the job done. It is so so worth it and will leave you feeling on top of the world.


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    January 7, 2020 at 2:11 pm

    What a great list. I’m a terrible hoarder but I’ve started to declutter a little at a time. I give myself 15 minute bursts, but honestly with the condition my body is in 15 minutes is the most I can do. I’m so glad I read your tip 7. That’s what I do, I buy more and more storage solutions and end up filling them with more junk. I need to sort this now.

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    April 20, 2020 at 12:16 am

    Thank you 😊. I am on corvid-19 Shielding and have been shredding. I didn’t realize how much paper work I have…. Most from 2004! I need to sort out my wardrobe and I don’t know what to do . Help!

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      May 9, 2020 at 11:27 am

      Go through each item and try them on. Do they make you feel good? If not then is there something you can pair them with to jazz it up to make it make you feel good? No? Get rid. x

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