Closeup of the fitbit charge 2

Getting Fit With My Fitbit Charge 2

I am wanting to get fit this year and because I am a visual person I need something that will help me keep motivated. I've been using the Fitbit Charge 2 for the last month and I love it!
Funky Giraffe Trees Snood

The Start Of Teething and Funky Giraffe Bibs

Wills has started dribbling constantly, so much so that he is soaking through several outfits a day. There is a solution though and it comes in lots of pretty patterns!
Reebok top Get the look

Get The Look With Get The Label

I haven't been for a run in 2 years! I am so unfit! Get The Label heard that I wanted to start running again and challenged me to find an outfit for £50 - did I manage it?
running to school

Starting Pre-school With Start-rite Shoes

Lils is starting pre-school and I can't quite believe it. Her uniform is ready to go and we have some gorgeous new school shoes from Start-rite to set her on her way!
monochrome style 2017

Kids Style: Monochrome Trend with 3 Pommes

Have you seen the monochrome trend that is happening right now? I have always been a fan of black on myself but had never really thought to buy black for the kids. 3 Pommes is a fab brand who are bringing monochrome into kid friendly clothing!
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