Getting Fit With My Fitbit Charge 2

I am a visual person, I need to be able to see that I am doing well in order to feel motivated enough to carry on. I am also a tiny bit addicted to my phone and had been looking at all of the different fitness trackers on the market. When Currys PC World got in touch about the new Fitbit Charge 2 I was really excited to give it a try. I have limited time to do anything with a baby to look after, so I definitely need the support of an app to keep me on track.

Fitbit Charge 2 review

I mentioned the other day that I am going to be doing Race for Life this year and that I have started running again in preparation. Having my Fitbit with me every step of the way definitely keeps me on track and motivates me to keep going – especially when I am going uphill. It monitors my heart rate with its PurePulse technology and lets me know when I am pushing myself enough, letting me know if I am in cardio, fat burning or peak. At the moment I aim for cardio as I am focusing on fitness over anything else.

I also like that it maps out my route so I can see how far I have run, helping me to push myself to run further each time. It doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS system so you do need your mobile with you, but I never go anywhere without mine so I don’t find that an issue.

Fitbit charge 2 review of watch

For the days I am not going for a run I am still able to track the number of steps I am doing and I am very competitive so aim to beat my previous day’s attempt each time. As spring approaches I will walk to school and back and that boost the number of steps I do by loads!

Something that I definitely need is the alert reminders to keep moving. So if I am sitting for too long then it will vibrate – definitely need that when I have been sucked into watching kids tv (and the children aren’t even in the room!!). The silent alert can also be set to wake you up in the morning, so if like me you cannot abide the sound of an alarm clock then this is a great feature!

Fitbit Charge 2 band

Now my absolute favourite thing about it is actually nothing to do with fitness at all and more to do with the fact that I like to be connected at all times. It connects to your phone via bluetooth and when you get a text or a phone-call it will display it on the screen – how handy is that? It means I will then only have to pick up my phone if it is an urgent message and otherwise I can get on with whatever else I am up to at the time.

Fitbit app on iphone

fitbit charge 2 app iphone

The app itself is great, telling me how I am doing with my fitness and showing me how I am sleeping (not that I am sleeping well at all right now with Wills in the bed with me). I find all of the stats really interesting and it helps me to focus and plan ahead to do better for the following day.

I am determined to get fitter this year and I know that having my Fitbit Charge 2 will help me get there. It is such a clever piece of kit, I love it!

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  1. I treated myself to one of these for Christmas. I had the Fitbit Charge HR but it kept breaking. This one is way better.
    I was going to start a community a while a go called #BloggersGoFibit but wasn’t sure if many people were interested and I think I need help from a second person hosting it.

  2. Sounds brilliant. He says sitting watching Ben and Holly 20 mins after Little Miss OMG fell asleep.

    Might be able to sell Mrs OMG in the idea of one if it means I’ll look at the phone less.

    Good luck with Race for Life.

  3. I love my fitbit. You should google the funny things that happen to you once you have one though because so many of them are SO true. I’ve been known to be pacing around the kitchen island at night just so I don’t have to go to bed on less than 10,000 steps. The good thing is those days become rare because your normal exercise habits change and before you know it you’ve become the hot stepper breezing past 10k each day. Love mine!

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