Time for one last picnic

I am not entirely sure where the nice weather has gone! I am starting to think they need to move the summer holidays to May/ June time, that way families get the best weather and teachers wouldn’t have to sit with 30 kids in a stuffy classroom! Anyway, that is another post entirely I am sure!

On Tuesday the girls and I went to meet our lovely friend Aby and her adorable little girl, Baby. We were hoping to have a picnic in the glorious sunshine but the weather had other ideas! It was dry at least (unlike our trip to the zoo on Sunday!!!) so we didn’t cancel and made our way to see them.

time for one last picnic

As soon as we arrived Little G was on at me to get out the picnic even though it was only 11am! I was feeling a bit peckish myself so we found a cute little table and got everything out.

I had decided to try something a bit different to our usual picnic style of sandwiches and made something super easy, but a little bit posh if I do say so myself! The girls really enjoy anything that has a dip and so when I saw this recipe from Squash’d I knew they would love it!


All you need is some Greek yoghurt mixed with chopped apple and some blackcurrants- it is inspired by their Apple & Blackcurrant drink of course! Then it is up to you what you dip in it- I chose carrot, cucumber, apple, sugar snap peas and pitta bread . Little L had to have humus of course being allergic to dairy but she enjoyed all of the fruit and veg!


They were stuffed by the end of it and had plenty of energy to run around for the rest of the afternoon! So lovely to see them playing together and Little L is slowly catching the others up, bless her! Here are a few photos from our afternoon…

DSC_0081 DSC_0080 DSC_0097 DSC_0107 DSC_0093 DSC_0137 DSC_0155

What do you normally make your kids for lunch?


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