We’re going to the zoo zoo zoo!

I was so excited when we received the invite from Days Out to go to Paradise Wildlife Park. The girls had been a few weeks before with Mr F and had a great time! It was for a bloggers event and so I was also a little nervous to meet other bloggers but off we went for an exciting day!

Days Out is an easy way to find great places to visit in the UK. It currently lists 8’000 attractions and offers over 1’000 discount vouchers throughout the year. Their website is really easy to use so if you are planning on going somewhere it is always worth a look to see if you can get some money off! Everyone loves a bargain!

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Our Week Captured #02

We have had such a lovely week away visiting friends. As much as I wish they lived nearer I am very glad they live in a gorgeous part of the country. We split our week between Mr F’s friend in Dorset and my friends in Devon. The weather was naff but we had a great time (always good to be looked after).


1. Bank holiday Monday was Grandad’s birthday so we got up nice and early and made him a cake. I was pretty impressed with my efforts- not sure why I didn’t take a picture actually as proof!! I still cannot make it rise amazingly well but they always taste yum!

2. When we got there he had got down Mr F’s old wrestler toys. I am not sure who was more excited about this!! Little G and Mr F spent most of the day playing with them and trying to remember all of their names. I knew Hulk Hogan and that was it!

3. Baby L with a balloon at the party. Bless her snotty socks.

4. We left for Dorset late Monday evening and got down there in record time. Travelling after 7pm when the kids are asleep is definitely the way forward!! Tuesday we went to Shaftesbury, the home of Hovis Hill if you can remember the advert? I made Mr F trek down the hill for the photo as I didn’t fancy the climb back up!

5. Baby L was loving the cats, I was terrified she was going to pull their tails but she was quite good. She did get scratched on the hand and was absolutely heartbroken! I had to hide my horror so as not to scar her for life!

6. We went to Sherborne and came across one of the golden post boxes issued for the Olympics. This one was in honour of Peter Wilson. I have never seen any others so it was pretty exciting. The moment was lost on Little G but the promise of cake convinced her to stand for a photo.

7. We travelled down to Devon to see my best friend. I try and get down to see her as much as possible. We used to work together before I went on maternity leave and then she moved back to Devon. On Thursday we spent the day bridesmaid dress shopping. On Friday we went to the National aquarium in Plymouth. Wasn’t as good as the London aquarium but Little G and Baby L loved it. Baby L was mesmerised by the stingrays.

8. On Saturday we went to a farm in Occombe. It was free entry and was very quaint. Not many animals but enough for a little morning trip out. Little G liked the tractor and told the boy behind her ‘you have to wait til I have finished’ I can’t think who she gets her bossy nature from….

9. After the farm we went to Paignton. We walked along the pier – spent £££ on the 2p machines and then walked along the beach. I used to live by the sea at uni and I really do miss it. We couldn’t live more inland here in Hertfordshire.

10. Silent Sunday


So that was our week. What have you been up to?


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Wicked Wednesdays #04

I must have been feeling kind this past week as I haven’t taken many ‘mean’ photos. However, this does not mean I wasn’t able to find one! I knew exactly which one I was going to pick too as I was in hysterics when I took it!

We went to Paradise Wildlife Park last week and had a lovely encounter with some birds. The man had said not to move if they fly towards you as they aren’t able to readjust their flight paths.

Little G always follows instructions really well and so when I bird landed on her head she froze! I asked her whether she was ok and she yelled ‘NO MUMMY GET IT OFF!!!’ Of course I was too busy laughing and taking the photo to be able to get it off so motioned to the park keeper to remove said bird.

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#DebsDreamUniform with Brummy Mummy

This is an entry into The Debenhams Back to School Competition on www.brummymummyof2.co.uk.

Heyo everyone! This is my first bloggy and I am excited! I yuv cyothes and always choose my outfits everyday. I want to win new things from Debenhams with Brummy mummy so I can look smart for my first day at pre-school soon!

Mummy said I can choose whatever I like from her laptop so this is what I choosed.

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Ordinary Moments #01

We are fast approaching Little G’s 3rd birthday now, can’t quite believe it! It doesn’t seem a minute since I was holding my tiny baby. The time has gone so quickly and she is now very independent and headstrong.

Soon after her 2nd birthday she decided that she was going to give up naps. I was 7 months pregnant and this was the worst news ever- I relied on her naps for a cheeky nap on the sofa myself!

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Our week captured #01

This is my first post in this series, I love looking at other people’s photo collages and so have decided to make this a weekly feature, every Sunday I will link up to two great blog linkys ‘The Week That Was Captured‘ and ‘Silent Sunday‘. I already do Silent Sunday so will add that into the collage.

Had an extremely busy week this week, I had the car for a change so took the opportunity to gallivant here there and everywhere! owc1

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Ooh Ive gone self hosted!


So after reading a great post by Aby over at You Baby Me Mummy a couple of days ago I decided to make the leap to self hosted! I have ignored my family for the past two days trying to get myself all set up and here I am!

I have absolutely no idea what I am doing but there we are!!

Also, I seem to have lost all of my comments. I can see them behind the scenes but they do not appear on the site itself! If anyone knows how I can get them back (they are via intensedebate) then I would be very grateful for any help!!

I will continue tweaking for now and hopefully I will be able to make sense of it all in time!

Katy x