HappyDays Linky #04

Welcome to the HappyDays linky, if you are new then take a look at the HappyDays explanation post.  We had another fab linky last week, thank you all so much for linking up such lovely posts. I love reading them all, being invited into your lives.

Being a mum is lonely sometimes (a lot of the time) and so reading your posts makes me feel part of a community. It is nice to know we all go through the same ups and downs- hopefully we can inspire a few more ‘ups’ with this linky.

Despite many of us struggling to get out of the house last week, we all managed to make the most of our days. I really enjoyed reading Jessica’s post, seeing her lovely photos of the Gruffalo! I really must see if there is something like that near us as Little G would love it! I also loved how she described how Rosalie squeals in the swing as I know exactly the noise as Baby L is the same. x

I also enjoyed Aby’s gratitude list, it made me smile that her husband didn’t mind her stopping her French lessons. So often I panic that Mr F will be cross at me for something but I forget that he loves me and as long as I am happy- he is happy. The same must be said for Aby and her husband, something to always be thankful for. x

Ok, over to my week- where has the time gone?

Out and About

On Monday we went to Stevenage for the day with my mum. She wanted to go to the Post Office and I wanted to look for some photo frames for #projectspruce. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a sneak preview of the photo wall. I am starting to love my home after 2 years of living here.

Yesterday Little G had ballet, the last one this half term and actually the last one ever for her. I am not going to continue it as the next few weeks will just get colder and I don’t fancy dragging them both out if it snows! She starts preschool in January (sob sob) so will have to give it up then anyway.


Fun at home

I have been trying to get the girls playing nicely together this week. Little G has been showing jealous tendencies in the past month or so since Baby L has been mobile and it has made me so sad seeing her be a bit mean towards her baby sister.

I have struggled with joint activities in the past so thought if I just pick something and model good playing behaviour then it doesn’t especially matter what it is we are actually playing if that makes sense?

So I picked puzzles- G loves loves loves puzzles so it was a winner for her. I got a selection of ‘baby’ puzzles for Baby L so she could join in too. Little G was not interested in hers, instead wanting to play with the simple ones. I had to stop her from snatching but otherwise she played nicely and enjoyed ‘teaching’ L what to do.


Time for me 

I have pretty much ignored real life and focused on my blog (more than normal). I really want to improve my photography skills. I don’t understand all the different things like ISO and exposure! I read about them, think I get it and then cannot put it into practice! I need to follow someone around for the day and copy what they are doing!!

Other than that I have been working on #projectspruce! I am so excited to finally be able to put my stamp onto things!! I will be showing you all what I have been up to soon!

My happiest moment

Who says money cannot buy happiness? Working has meant extra money in the bank! At one day a week it isn’t much at all but Mr F said I could spend my first pay packet on whatever I liked- I chose scatter cushions!! He doesn’t understand of course but I love them!

Next week I would like to….

We are off to Devon and Dorset for the week so I am looking forward to a week of relaxing! I want to try and go to the beach if the weather stays nice. I also want to get a photo of the 4 of us- I was looking for one for my photo wall and this is the only one I have!



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