Me & Mine – February

Once again I am linking up with the lovely Lucy (Dear Beautiful) and the rest of the Me & Mine team for this lovely linky. Each month we will be taking photos of our families, showing how we change and grow throughout the year.

I have hurriedly taken this month’s photo this morning! We have been meaning to take one for the past couple of weeks but we just haven’t done anything worth taking a photo of! We haven’t been out as a family or left the house at all really. We have taken this month’s photo at home, with all of us sitting on the sofa, as that pretty much sums up how our month has gone- we have all be full of germs, all having had flu at one point or another!



Today I have a cough, Mr F has flu, Baby L is full of snot and actually for once I think Little G is fine. But, that is life isn’t it? Now that G is going to pre-school it seems to be more and more the norm for one of us to be ill. It just makes me long for summer even more, when hopefully the germs will disappear for a while.

How has February been for you?

dear beautiful

HappyDays Linky #20

Welcome to HappyDays! If you are new then take a look here. We want to inspire you to make the best out of every day, appreciate the little things in life and have happy days.

Where has this week gone? Once again I am behind with my commenting! I tweeted this photo on Tuesday night, it was my laptop showing the number of tabs I had open at the time (the number of blogs I had to comment on!).

WP_20150224_005Actually that was half the amount I started with- was a long old night I can tell you! Finally got round to commenting on all of your lovely posts on Thursday night! Such a lovely lot of posts, I really need to set an alarm and do them earlier in the week!!

10989190_10155228824615176_8521003531085100239_oI really enjoyed reading about Vickie’s week- if not just for the fact she has inspired me to get back into my Project Life hobby! For anyone who hasn’t heard of it you neeeeed it in your life. If you take millions of photos then it is for you!!

Out & About

Hasn’t the weather been lovely? We had a quick shower on Wednesday morning but on the whole it has been so sunny and dare I say it, warm! Not enough to not wear a coat of course but no need for gloves or hats now, that saves us 10 minutes not having to search for them every time we leave the house!!

Now, I said warm- not dry as shown by this photo of G as she splashed her way through town! :-)


We had a lovely get together with some friends I met through Netmums, if any of you feel you need to get to know more people then definitely get along to your local meetup. If there isn’t one near you then set one up, that is what I did and I have met some wonderful people through it. I have stopped running ours now as I just couldn’t fit it all in sadly.

Fun at Home

Now I am not entirely sure this counts but I certainly had a lot of fun doing it! After going to a fab style lesson last week I decided to have a clear out of my wardrobe. The rule was ‘if it doesn’t make you feel good then it has to go’ and I was ruthless!! So often I go to my wardrobe and feel like I have nothing to wear and it turns out I am right- most of my clothes either don’t fit or make me look terrible.

Now unfortunately I did not take a photo of it before I started but I don’t mind telling you nothing was on hangers and it was all piled high in a jumbled heap!

clothesSo on the left- the pile of clothes to give away- I feel so cleansed!! In the middle is the gaping big hole they left behind. And finally on the right, I was able to bring down some clothes that had been shoved on top of the wardrobe and hand them up nicely. That is now everything I own, all hanging or folded nicely in the pockets.

Time for Me

You may have already seen but a few bloggers arranged a meetup last weekend. I travelled up to the Wirral where I had so much fun chatting about this and that. Blogging has brought so many wonderful people into my life- including you lot! I have felt so much happier this week, even Mr F has noticed. I feel for the first time in a very long time that I am finally me.

My Happiest Moment

WP_20150225_008At aged 3 I think she is amazing!

 This week Little G decided she could write. She picked up a pencil and wrote her name. Both Mr F and I sat there in total disbelief as she has just scribbled up until this point. She can now write all of our names with no help at all. It is like she has been carefully watching until such a time when she was perfect. I am so proud of her at times, my heart could burst!

Next week I would like to…

It is my birthday on Tuesday, 31 would you believe? I am hoping to get some vouchers and go buy some nice clothes- ones that fit and make me feel fabulous!!

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Do you have style?

I have always loved clothes, as a teenager I was always shopping for the latest trends and I felt good about the way I looked. Clothes are great like that aren’t they? They can change your mood for the better if you can find the perfect outfit. Unfortunately clothes also have the power to make us feel bad about ourselves. We all have those days when nothing looks right, we feel fat or frumpy and blame ourselves. Alicia Kay Style is about to change the way we feel!

DSC_0778Last week I had the pleasure of attending a style class with Alicia Kite and Kay Davidson. They are making it their mission to help women feel fabulous. They want to spread the message that everyone can have style, you just need to know the tricks of the trade! They are going to be running classes, teaching women to embrace their bodies and their own style. It is not about forcing you to wear a new wardrobe, rather adapting what you already have.

Do you have style?

Whether you know it or not, you have a style. You have a particular type of style that you prefer over another, whether that be jeans and a hoodie or dresses and heals. The key is to buy the most flattering version of those clothes, to use accessories to add a bit of interest and to make sure that you feel good.

“Everything you own must make you feel good. If it doesn’t then it must go.”

Do your clothes make you feel good? When you get dressed and look in the mirror how do you feel? Most days I don’t even look in the mirror as I know I won’t look good. I am betting I am not the only woman that feels that way and this is why Alicia Kay Style was created.

When you look in your wardrobe what do you see? Are your clothes neatly stored on hangers? Are your shoes lined up in pairs? If you are anything like me then the answer is probably no. I look in my wardrobe and I never know what to wear, most of my clothes don’t fit and they make me feel fat and frumpy. I have lost my way.

DSC_0832Alicia telling us to use decent hangers that will help look after your clothes!

I also have an abundance of ‘sentimental’ items- clothes that used to fit me long long ago that I keep in the hope that they will fit me again. The truth is, my body has changed. I have had 2 children and my body shape will never be that of my 18 year old self. It is time to accept that fact and embrace my new body.

“It is not you, it is the clothes you are wearing.”

I do not look good in short tops, they do not suit my body shape. When I try one on in a changing room I look at myself and blame my body. Is it my body’s fault though or is it just the fact I have chosen the wrong top? I can’t change my long body but I can choose a top that will suit my shape. Find the styles that suit you and stick to those themes.


Kay explained that their course is unique as they are not trying to tell people how to dress or what style suits them. Instead they take the woman’s current style and show them how to make the best of themselves. If you want to wear skirts then it is about finding the right skirt for you. If you like to wear tailored trousers then it is about finding a cut that will suit you. make the clothes work for you- you do not need to change.

“I am a size 12 and that is the only size I buy”

Does that sound like you? Do you give up on a pair of trousers if ‘your size’ doesn’t fit you?  Learn to be flexible with the sizes, different styles will look different on different people. Shop for your shape, not for your size.aliciaLook at Alicia in these two jackets. The one on the left does not look good at all does it? It does not flatter her shape and just makes her look frumpy. The orange jacket on the right is tailored perfectly for her shape and makes her look fabulous. What if I told you both were the same size? It just shows that just because a label tells you it is your size does not mean it will fit your body!

“I hate this part of my body”

If you have an area of your body you want to hide then use accessories to draw the eye to another, more flattering area of your body. I have slender wrists, so I should use bracelets to draw the attention away from my bingo wings! If you have a bit of a mummy tummy then use scarves to drape over your tummy- simple!

16406501690_52bc51a83e_kGetting styled by Alica! Apparently I have a bit of a rock chick style! Photo by Mummy is a Gadget Geek

There is so much more I could tell you, I came away from my afternoon with Alicia and Kay feeling inspired and motivated! I want to cleanse my wardrobe, get rid of the clothes that make me feel bad and use the tips and tricks they taught us to make myself look fabulous.

“You should feel fabulous every day”

Alicia|Kay Style is going to be coming to a town near you soon or you can sign up to do the course online. The 4 week course is priced at £89.95 and will change the way you look at clothes forever!

We were all treated to an afternoon of tea, cookies and of course, style in return for this post. All thoughts and words are my own. 

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Looking Smooth with Aldi

This cold weather is playing serious havoc with my skin! I don’t think I drink enough water but that is for another post… Anyway, I have been on the look out for anything that will help me bring moisture back to my poor face!! I have always been good at moisturising every morning but have never been very good at remembering to use a night cream!

When Aldi asked me whether I would like to try their day and night creams I jumped at the chance! I hear so many good things about Aldi products and when I see their adverts I always wish we had one near us! I want to do the Aldi Swap and Save Challenge!


I have been using the day and night cream for the past month. Their studies show that women noticed their skin feeling firmer and more elastic after 28 days and so I wanted to trial it for the same length of time to give it a fair review.

About the products

The Day Cream- Usually I find day creams to be the lighter out of the two but actually this day cream was fairly heavy. However, it did not take long to absorb into the skin and didn’t leave me feeling greasy at all! You do not need much for each application either as it spreads well over the skin.

The Night Cream- This was a very light night cream, as I say, not something I am used to. However, this suits me as I do not like to think of my face being smothered in cream and left all night- waking up to greasy skin. As with the day cream it absorbs quickly and a little goes a long way.

So what are the results?

Before I started using the two products I found my skin to be visibly dry. My forehead was so dry that I couldn’t even use makeup on that area for fear of forming foundation clumps! 28 days later and I am thrilled to say that my skin is soft and supple. My forehead is now smooth and feels nourished.

It also claims to reduce wrinkles, I have not noticed any change but I am very lucky to have almost wrinkle free skin- I put this down to moisturising every morning all of these years.

All in all these are great value for money! At only £3.99 each they will leave you feeling smooth and firm- without breaking the bank!

Have you tried any Aldi products? 

My Captured Moment #08

I am linking up with the lovely Heledd from Running in Lavender for her fab linky ‘My Captured Moment‘. The idea is to link up new or old photos that capture a moment you don’t want to forget!

This week’s photo was taken when Little G was about 18 months old I think. It isn’t the best quality photo as it was taken on my old Blackberry which had the most awful camera! I love it though as it captured a moment of fun in our garden.

So many people shy away from the rain and hide indoors, however it is so important to let children experience it – nothing bad will happen to them! Obviously if it is freezing cold or driving rain then it isn’t the best idea but this was spring rain and nothing to be afraid of. We got our rain coats on, put up our brollies and went out to splash in puddles and feel the rain- she loved it!!




Have you let your little ones play in the rain? 

Running in Lavender