HappyDays Linky #05

Welcome to the 5th HappyDays linky! We still cannot believe the support we have had, thank you so much to everyone who has taken part over the past month!

Last week we all felt a bit better- maybe we are adjusting to the weather now! We all managed to make the most out of our days whether that was braving the Autumn chills all cosy in gloves & scarves or being crafty at home!

I always enjoy MummyBio‘s posts and this week Gemma reminded me about ‘Dogger’ my favourite book as a child. I have not read it in such a long time but have ordered it ready for Christmas! Gemma also took Baby to get his first pair of shoes- something about this makes me feel all warm inside! So cute seeing little feet in shoes! x

Despite a rubbish couple of weeks, Everything Mummy managed to make the most of her week- having overcome nerves and found driving again! So many cute photos of her girls playing dress up! I am definitely going to get the dressing up clothes out next week for my two! Hope you’ve had a better week this week Amy x

Ok over to me, we have been busy all week although I feel like I spent most of it away from my girls!

Out & About

We went to my friend’s wedding on Saturday, I was so excited to go- I love a good wedding don’t you? The wedding wasn’t too far away from us but we stayed over in a Travelodge so that we didn’t have to travel home late at night.

I dressed the girls in matching dresses- there is something so cute about seeing siblings in matching clothes I think (I know it isn’t for everyone but that is me!). I had a job finding dresses actually, most seem to look like bridesmaid dresses or otherwise a bit Christmassy which was no good. I found theirs in Asda a few weeks back and they were perfect teamed up with a navy cadi from Tesco.

The wedding was lovely and the vicar even had us all singing ‘All you need is love’ a la Love Actually- so fun!

happy 5 a

Straight after the wedding we went down to Devon. I am being a bridesmaid for my best friend this time next year and she wanted me down to help choose a wedding dress- so exciting!! The first day she saw a few nice ones but none that made us say wow. We were feeling a bit let down and weren’t expecting too much for the second day. We browsed through the different dresses in the shop but none jumped out.

Thankfully the lady in the shop knew her stuff and picked out a dress that we had bypassed completely. I turned to the mother of the bride and said ‘they’ve gone quiet in there’ and as soon as she stepped out from behind the curtain I knew why. I almost cried but managed to contain myself. It was the one.

I so wish I could show you pictures but you will have to wait until next November for the big reveal and you will see me in a bridesmaid dress too- my first time!

happy 5 b

We went to the beach and also walked down what is believed to be the narrowest street in the world! It was pretty narrow to be fair, more like an alleyway but there we are! As I say, most of the week was spent on bridesmaid duty so not much else to talk about!

Fun at home

While I was off galavanting around Exeter and Plymouth the girls were back with the groom. He and Mr F spent most of the time trying to get Baby L to walk! She has taken 8 steps unaided so far although mostly does 2 or 3 before deciding crawling is much quicker!

Cannot show you any photos as Mr F is the worst at remembering to take any!!! Will try and catch her walking and post it on Instagram!

Time for Me

The two days of bridesmaid duties were lovely. Gone was the nappy bag and buggy – although my arm did ache having to carry my bag! Haha! Each day we went out for lunch and did a bit of shopping. I treated myself to a nice jumper dress which I am planning on wearing to Blogfest in a couple of weeks. It was just nice being me for a change, plus I hardly ever get to see B now that she is almost 300 miles away!

My Happiest Moment

Most definitely seeing B in her wedding dress. Being a part of such a special moment was amazing and I cannot wait for her big day!!!

Next week I would like to 

I haven’t seen any of my friends at home for absolutely ages! Working has made me want to hide away at home on the days I am off plus the girls were ill for so long we got out of the swing. I have planned to see my friend L on Friday as she has children the same age as mine so that will be nice. x

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